Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Californian's Thoughts On Sen. Kamala Harris' Candidacy

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I've been getting sick of hearing the borderline racist at times vitriol being aimed at Sen Kamala Harris and the BS 'Kamala is a cop' line.   I'm leaning toward supporting her in large part because I've been keeping an eye on her political ascent since 2010 and I'm tired of the anti-Kamala rhetoric.

Is her record perfect?  Nope.  Neither are the other 20 people running for the Democratic nomination either,

One of Harris' constituents, Viktor Kerney wrote this on his Facebook page explaining why he enthusiastically supports her 2020 candidacy for president.


So, someone asked me why I ride hard for Kamala Harris, especially since was a prosecutor. Well, I don’t see being a prosecutor a bad thing. I think people have to realize that a prosecutor is not a simple job, like working at Target. It takes someone who can make tough decisions and look at things through a critical lens. But here are my reasons.
Kamala has fought for people of color during her time as DA and AG in California. She’s worked on initiatives to get people back on track after being incarcerated, making sure the children had a proper education and opportunities to succeed. Yes, the truancy policy was not ideal, but with the research about children missing school and later becoming incarcerated, she had to do something.
Kamala is comfortable making tough decisions. I want a president who can make these decisions with proper caution.
Kamala’s policies for America helps middle-class workers as well as Black people. I’ve seen people say what is her Black agenda. It is my belief that the Black agenda is healthcare, jobs, education, shortening the pay gap and the ability to have home security.
She has a strong list of successful receipts through her time in office and a high approval from President Obama himself.
Kamala has fought the big banks, predators, corporations in the world to make life easier for her constituents.
She understands hard work and does not shy away from big tasks.
She understood that being a prosecutor will bring negative views about who she is. However she used her experience to improve criminal reform.
While there are many rumors about her record, the facts state that she has been successful. I encourage people to read her records from versus some blog post from these descendant of slaves (ADOS) or her rivals’ fan base.
She has taken on men like Trump and not afraid to call them out and hold them accountable. That’s what I want in a president and I think she can do it.

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