Tuesday, February 06, 2018

What's Phillipe Doing On The Minneapolis City Council?

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When I wrote the post about Councilmember Andrea Jenkins being elected Minneapolis City Council vice president, I was also researching what Ward 4 Councilman Phillipe Cunningham was doing and what committees he was serving on in order to put it in a standalone post.

Just a reminder we have two awesome Black trans folks serving on the Minneapolis City Council as freshman council members, and they aren't the average freshman councilmembers.

City Council 2018-2021
Phillipe served as a senior policy advisor to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges from 2015 until he resigned to successfully run for the Ward 4 seat

I also wanted my trans brother to get his moment in the TransGriot sun since he earned his place in this history books as well.    Phillipe also made history by becoming the first Black transmasculine person ever elected to office in the US in any capacity.   He also beat a 20 year incumbent and the former Minneapolis council president who had a three to one fundraising advantage in doing so

Phillipe is serving as the chair of the Health, Environment Civil Rights and Engagement Committee, the vice chair of the Committee of the Whole,  and vice chair of the Race Equity Subcommittee  (Andrea is chair), and is a member of the Ways and Means, and Public Safety and Emergency Management Committees.

And he's also meeting with his Ward 4 constituents 

So as you can see, Phillipe is definitely earning his paycheck, and then some. 

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