Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Can Use Some Help Again For Housing

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You know I usually don't like to ask for monetary help unless I absolutely need it, but once again TransGriot readers, I'm at a point where it's necessary to call on your help again.  . 

I'm needing to move from my current space by March 1, and need to I need to raise a total of $2000 to pay for first months rent plus deposit for a new place to live, plus potential moving expenses. 

So far I've raised a quarter of that, and I'm $1500 away from the goal. 

I'm humbly asking for a little help and donations to get there.   No donation is too small.  $5, $10, $20 quickly adds up.

I do have a PayPal account, and it has a DONATE button on the left hand side of it marked TransGriot Tip Jar.    transgriot.blogspot.com 

The direct link to it is https://www.paypal.me/TransGriot

If you can, thanks for doing so. For those who have donate already, I thank you.     

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