Friday, February 09, 2018

Shut Up Fool Awards- Winter Olympic Fools Edition

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The 2018 Winter Games kicked off this morning at 5 AM CST, but NBC is waiting until prime time later tonight to broadcast the Opening Ceremonies from PyeongChang, South Korea. 

In case you're wondering, PyeongChang is only 60 miles from the DMZ    Competition is already underway in several events and the Olympics will continue until February 25

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So in honor of the Winter Games, the Shut Up Fool Awards for the duration will be in a gold, silver and bronze level fools format until the Olympic flame is extinguished .

So let the Games begin and let the fools be called out.

Our Bronze medalist fool is Education (Mis)Secretary Betsy DeVos, who is whining because she doesn't like all the criticism she gets and it's hurting her feelings..

Well boo boo kitty, when you spent years trying to kill public education and bashing teachers unions, you are going to get major pushback and derision for that.

Our Silver medalist fool is FOX Noise VP John Moody, who published a hideously racist and homophobic op-ed stating that Team USA will lose medals because the team is too Black and too gay.

Your white hood is showing, John.    Some of those non white and gay peeps you're hating on are contenders for medals.

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Our Gold medalist fool is Alex Jones.   He spent too much time taking hallucinogenic drugs before his latest InfoWars show and spit out the ridiculous claim that the transgender movement is 'paving the way for cyborgs to infiltrate and destroy our society.

Really fool?   Whatever drugs you're doing, you need to put them down.   Caprica Six is not coming for you or your intelligence deficient sheeple.

And oh yeah,shut the hell up fool! / 

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