Sunday, February 25, 2018

March For Black Women Happening Saturday

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This week in Houston the first ever March For Black Women is taking place on Saturday at Emancipation Park from 10 AM-1 PM .   And yes, I've been asked to be a speaker for it.

Unlike the Houston Women's March, this one is centering Black cis and trans women, which is why I was asked to participate in it and stood in solidarity with my Black cis sisters in boycotting the Houston women's march after their concerns in the organizing runup to it were dismissed or flat out ignored. 

As to why we are marching, the statement from the March For Black Women website:

Why We March

In that spirit, we are calling on every Black woman in the Houston area and our allies to change a system that is no longer acceptable or viable for Black women. We strive to unite Black women from every walk of life and demographic to rise together in all our diversity, face our common oppressors, and denounce the systems and communities that deny us our civil and human rights and relegate us to political backseats.

We are also coming together to celebrate the sisterhood, struggles, and accomplishments of the unique space that Black women hold in society. We affirm the position of Black women in politics and ensure our representation is rightfully increased.AA

We are a power like no other when we are joined together. We have suffered the most heinous maltreatment in this country, and we are still here. Standing. Proudly. Let us gather together to celebrate one another. There is no one that understands us like us. We will celebrate the African Diaspora of womanhood in all the ways it exists. We will experience the music and poetry of sisters from different perspectives and engage in the advancement of Black lives.

This event is Black woman-centered, but we welcome all allies in support of Black women. Be mindful that this is for us.

Fundraising is still happening for this even, and the march is still seeking volunteers

So looking forward to being a part of this historic event, and I'm still working on putting the final touches on my speech.   As to what I'll say, stay tuned i'll post the text of it on that March 3 date to the blog .

But if you're in the Houston area on March 3, I hope you'll join us on that date to support and march with us     

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