Thursday, August 24, 2017

Roland Martin Puts Pastor Paula White On Blast

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Pastor Paula White lived up to her last name by hypocritically defending Dolt 45 in a televised fake faith based dog and pony show with the disgraced Jim Bakker.

Image result for paula whiteWell, my Houston  homie Roland Martin wasn't having that nonsense, and took to the airwaves of the Tom Joyner Morning Show to put 'Pastor'' Paula White on blast for that WTF level blasphemous commentary, and then called her out on NewsOne Now
Here's his read of 'Pastor' Paula White, along with her nauseating WTF level commentary on Jim Bakker's show.

Thank you Roland for calling out this Pharisee and false prophet who is more about, like many white televangelists,  making a profit and upholding white supremacy.

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