Sunday, January 17, 2016

Naw Caitlyn, You Can't Win Republicans Over On LGBT Issues

I had to laugh and shake my head when Caitlyn Jenner was quoted as saying that we can win Republicans over on LGBT rights issues in a recent Advocate article.

As someone who watched the Harris County and Texas Republican parties, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Lt Governor Dan Patrick (R) stick their noses in Houston human rights business and fund the oppressors deceit filled kill the HERO campaign, had she talked to me and other Houston advocates when she stealthily bounced into my hometown, I would have schooled her clueless behind on the folly of that position.

The Republican Party of 2016 in Texas and around the country is one made up of people who are hellbent on gleefully rolling back the human rights of anyone that isn't a white male right-wing 'christian'.   They have a special brand of hatred for human rights for trans, bisexual and SGL people, and are still working to terminate any progress on LGBT rights issues.

If you think I'm kidding about that, look no further than the unjust anti-trans bills popping up in Indiana , Virginia,  Washington and other GOP controlled state legislatures sponsored by proud Republican legislators or what happened here with HERO last year.

And hello, the GOP controlled NY Senate has been the major reason that GENDA's passage has been stalled in New York state despite their Democratic controlled assembly passing it eight straight times by comfortable margins.

The current Republican Party is not the one Eisenhower or Nixon led, much less even the one of Ronald Reagan.  And if Caitlyn's behind had more melanin in her skin, she wouldn't even begin to part her lips to say something that obtuse.

But if Jenner wants to take on that quixotic mission of trying to convince a party that is foaming at the mouth anti-LGBT for decades to change their BTLG hating ways, have fun wasting your time and breath trying to do so.

Meanwhile, I'll be chilling in Houston trying to resist the urge to say 'I told you so' as I and others do the work necessary to get the conversations going to solidify support behind the no-brainer idea of trans, bi and SGL rights being an international human rights issue.    

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