Monday, November 02, 2009

TDOR 2009 Event List

If you're looking for information about a TDOR event near you, click this link.

Ethan St. Pierre is also compiling and updating it as he gets info from the various groups planning Transgender Day Of Remembrance events.

So make his life easier and E-mail Ethan at with your event information as soon as you finalize the details.

You can also follow the TDOR event updates on Twitter.

I came from a planning meeting last Friday for the Louisville TDOR and I'm happy to see the event begin here to grow into a community one. This is the seventh year we've had them in Da Ville.

We're proud to have had the wonderful people at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary's Women's Center be the lead organization and host of many of the events since we started observing TDOR's here in 2002.

The local gender group Sienna is also involved and for the first time this year we have input from U of L's LGBT Services, U of L campus GLBT groups and the Fairness Campaign.

The TDOR November 20 date is rapidly approaching. These are the people we are memorializing this year and I pray that list doesn't grow between now and November 20.

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