Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Favorite Things

I was playing Christmas music the other day and Luther's version of the song 'My Favorite Things' popped up in my random MP3 rotation. While listening to him croon (God, I miss Luther) I recalled a post that IQ had written on TSTB that asked people to list their favorite things Oprah style.

Well, here are my Top Ten Favorite Things

1-Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Everytime I eat Blue Bell ice cream it brings back fond memories. Blue Bell is just the bomb ice cream wise. It's not just me bragging about something Texan, people in the industry have said the same things. Since there are no local Blue Bell distributors in the Da Ville yet, the only places that I can get it are at Carrabas and Ruby Tuesday restaurants. They serve it as their dessert ice cream.

2-Texas high school football

Kentucky high school football is about a predictable as a George W. Bush press conference. Either one or a combination of three Louisville area schools (Trinity, St. Xavier or Male) will be involved in the 4A championship game and win it. Every now and then a Lexington area school or a Cinderella team from another part of the state crashes the party.

In The Lone Star State we have dominant teams, but they aren't guaranteed almost every year to play in the championship game, especially if they play in Region III (southeast Texas). Texas high school football history is chock full of stories of teams that made Cinderella runs to the championship. They either did it with star players that eventually went on to college and NFL glory in their various classes or made deep playoff runs before getting knocked off. Like Indiana and Kentucky basketball it's an ingrained part of Texas culture.

3-An Eric Jerome Dickey or Kayla Perrin novel

I've loved Eric's books ever since I read 'Friends and Lovers' and haven't missed one since. I discovered Kayla by accident. I was browsing a bookstore one day, saw 'If You Want Me' on the shelf and picked it up. I'm glad I did. I now have seven of her novels.

4-R&B and Jazz CD's

Growing up as the child of a disc jockey that programmed an R&B station it's no surprise that I love R&B music. Being that Houston is a jazz hotbed I used to attend a lot of live jazz performances. I got to see Kirk Whalum perform more than a few times at Midtown Live before he hit it big along with HSPVA alum Everette Harp.

5-A sistah that has it together from head to toe

I love seeing a sistah that has her hair and nails freshly done, wearing a fly suit or dress that accentuates her curves, shoes and the purse to match and entering a place like she's the Queen of Sheba. Whether she's light skinned or dark skinned, full figured or slim build, genetic or transwoman, young or senior citizen, I just love seeing a together, confident woman.

6-A brotha that has it together from head to toe

Ditto for the brothas. Nothing like a handsome Black man in a suit or just wearing the hell out of some jeans and a sweatshirt.

7-Any spare moment I get to write

Nothing calms me down and centers me more than sitting down at my computer and spending a few hours writing, whether it's my TransGriot column, my novels, a short story, poetry, or posting to various Yahoo lists.

8-Fresh seafood

One of the things I miss most about Houston next to HS football. We're only 55 miles from the Gulf of Mexico so I always had access to fresh seafood. In some cases I'd make the 30 minute drive to Galveston to go get it. Usually it involved a trip to a neighborhood fish market.

9-A road trip

I've always loved doing long drives. Whether it was trips to New Orleans, Dallas or Jackson, MS or the long ones I've done to LA, Washington DC, Atlanta or Phllly, I just relish the opportunity to get on the road, enjoy our nation's beautiful scenery, the conversation with friends or if I'm solo play some of my massive collection of 500 CD's and just drive until I arrive at my destination.

10-Intelligent conversation

I love to talk with people who have interesting jobs and lives. I like to discuss current events, politics, sports, and whatever subject du jour that piques my interest. I love diverse viewpoints that allow me to expand my own mental horizons.

There's a lot of other things that I love such as chocolate, fly clothes, movies, barbecue, Frenchy's chicken and history. But when you have to choose only ten, something gets left out.

Then again, I can always write a separate post about them. ;)

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