Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Road Trip With The Gallery Girls

After my Monday Trans 101 panel discussion that included Nikki Araguz Loyd, UH student Skye, Lorraine Schroeder and myself, got an invite from Nikki and Meagan Gillett to join them on a road trip to Prairie View A&M University northwest of H-town to spread their special brand of sunshine to cheer up a young trans woman in her final semester of school on that HBCU campus.

While we have several colleges and universities in the state of Texas that cover transpeople in their non-discrimination policies, sadly Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M aren't among that list.

TSU's Thurgood Marshall Law School is, but they need to do the same for the rest of the TSU campus

It can be lonely and tough at times for a transitioning trans woman in any space.   But those feelings of isolation can be magnified on a college campus.

And you haven't lived until you've taken a road trip with Nikki and Meagan.

After killing time at an outlet mall and scooping up some bargains, we rolled up to Prairie View and the apartment our trans sister shares with two other students around 8 PM CST to scoop her up and take her to a nearby Mexican restaurant.

She'd been a little bummed out about some personal issues, but she's handling her classroom business, is looking forward in this last semester at PV to graduating in May and getting started with her life that's so bright she'll need fashion forward shades to navigate it.

And yeah, hitting Bucee's on the way back to Houston with the Gallery Girls was the bomb.

Enjoyed meeting my trans sister, rolling up 290 and back with Nikki and Meagan, and looking forward to the next time I can spend some quality time with them.

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