Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mariah's New CD E=MC2

I've always loved Mariah Carey's five octave voice and music ever since her self-titled debut CD dropped in 1990, and many of them grace my CD collection.

No, I don't own an iPod. I'm still old school about my music and I still DJ, and as of yet DJ equipment hasn't been created that you simply plug an iPod into.

But back to the post. Even though it seems like she's been through more drama than Erica Kane on All My Children, she's survived it and now is thriving career wise again.

Her eleventh CD titled E=MC2 is out and is starting to get rave reviews. Unlike Albert Einstein's famous physics equation, the E=MC2 in this case stands for Emancipation=Mariah Carey to the second power. The lead single 'Touch My Body'is a slamming track with a sexy video to boot.

It's so cool to see someone who has had drama overcome it and reclaim the lofty heights thy were once at in the business. Mariah's setting records in the music business now that have her approaching Elvis and Beatles territory in terms of sales. 'Touch My Body' is now Mariah's 18th Billboard Hot 100 single, tying her with Elvis and putting her just two behind the Beatles with 21.

Judging by that lead track, I'll be rushing to the store next payday to get it.


Cass said...

I have the CD, and as a long-time Mariah fan (even through the breakdown drama, which I think was totally justified considering what she went through), I have to say this is one of her best. Her vocals are top-notch and she still keeps it fresh.

Monica Roberts said...

That's good to know...that's Cass