Friday, April 18, 2008

Gone Fencing

I'm not, but Dawn is.

Dawn's fencing in a sectional tournament that starts tomorrow in Richmond, KY on the Eastern Kentucky University campus. She wants me to tag along, it's time for another road trip, so I'll tell y'all how she did when I get back.


anhavana said...

please REMOVE my photo from your blog.

Monica Roberts said...

I'll remove it when I receive an apology for the 'batty boy' comment you made that prompted me to post it in the first place.

Monica Roberts said...

And to refresh your memory, here is the post in question.

Monica Roberts said...

Every day I DON'T receive an apology, it stays up.

anhavana said...

My first time on your blog was when i googled my name and saw it there.

I have told u before over and over that I did not make those comments, now you have deleted the posts that I made trying to 'clarify' my position.

I really don't care what you want to be, but it would be really cool for you to see through your anger because it is the only thing that has 'inspired' your forming a subculture against me.