Saturday, April 05, 2008

Battlestar Galactica-Season 4

Like all Battlestar Galactica fans I was glued to the television starting at 10 PM EDT for an hour last night watching the season premiere.

Technically, Razor was the season premier back in November, but it was cool to see the cast for what is going to be 'sniff-sniff' the last season of BSG.

And to think I was once one of the OBSG (original Battlestar Galactica) fans who ranted about how I wasn't gonna in my words, "watch this travesty."

It's been a fun filled roller coaster ride and the writing in this long awaited season premiere didn't disappoint. I died laughing during one scene in which Admiral Adama said upon Kara's seemingly miraculous return from the dead, "Do you believe in miracles?' and Tigh answered "No" alluding to Al Michaels famous call of the final moments of the US-Soviet Union Olympic hockey game in 1980.

I have to get the Season 3 DVDs and catch up since I didn't see much of that season due to them moving it to Sunday nights ands I was working Sundays at the time.

If last nights show is indicative of what were going to see form the last season of Battlestar, then its gonna go out with all guns blazing.

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