Friday, January 24, 2020

Shut Up Fool Awards- Post MLK Day 2020 Edition

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Another MLK Day has come and gone, and now the GOP can stop pretending they care about racial justice and equality and go right back to being the racist azzholes they and their MAGA hat wearing supporters are.

And yeah, because they were pretending, sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you can wager you paychecks that they opened their mouths on this latest edition of our federal holiday honoring Dr King they opposed and let stupid crap fly out of it.

And yeah, I gots to call them out on it.

Honorable mention for this week's SUF honors goes to Cruella Betsy DeVos, who said that people who support abortion are like the folks who were pro slavery before the Civil War.

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Really fool?  You had that expensive private school 'edjumacation and that toro poo poo came out of your mouth? 

It's a ongoing joke and an embarrassment to the United States that you are the Secretary of Education.

This week's winner is Kellyanne Conway.

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The White House Crypt Keeper opened up her mouth on King Day and also let something stupid fly out of it.

She said that the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr if he were alive, would be against the Trump impeachment trial.   It was a comment that the Rev Bernice King, Dr King's youngest daughter, quickly went to Twitter and checked Madame Alternative Facts on.

Until a person commits to better understanding and then better understands my father’s teachings and methodologies, I REALLY wish they’d keep his name, and incorrect analysis, out of their conversations about current issues. #MLKDay

Is is November 3 yet?

All together peeps, Kellyanne Conway, shut up fool!

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