Thursday, October 31, 2019

Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Returns November 3

Popeye's introduced a new chicken sandwich back on August 12,  and people stood in line for it at its restaurants around the US.  Peeps bought it in such numbers that the chain sold out of them before the end of the month and created a social media firestorm in the process.. 

I was upset that I didn't get to try one before they sold out in large part because the lines were too long at the Popeye's locations near me.

I join America in celebrating the news that the Popeye's chicken sandwich is coming back on November 3 as a permanent addition to the Popeye's menu.

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That's going to make Bigot Fil A big mad, since they are hostile to TBLGQ rights and with their profits gleefully fund many of those TBLGQ hate organizations. 

Those of us on the liberal progressive side of the political spectrum are also beyond tired of  FOX Noise and conservafool politicians trolling us with bigot chicken sandwiches and Chick Fil A food. 

Popeye's is seen by us as a viable and tasty TBLGQ bigotry free alternative to Chick Fil A's problematic product.   Even better, the Popeye's sandwich will be available on Sundays.

That point was made in the video Popeye's released heralding the return of its chicken sandwich.

So am I and everyone else who didn't get a chance to sample it the first time around.

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