Friday, August 02, 2019

Ready For My ABC Nightline Closeup

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Dee Dee, Diamond Stylz and I recently taped on July 22 an ABC Nightline episode in which we talked about the violence affecting Black trans women in Texas and around the country.

The initial part of it was taped while we were in Dallas for our recent BTAC Leadership Institute, and the rest was done when we returned back to Houston.

We were also doing so in the wake of the loss of Denali Stuckey.

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As y'all know, anti-trans violence aimed at the Black trans community is a serious issue.   It's past time that we got to have an in depth discussion about it on national television.   

It was also nice to be having that discussion with my H-town homegirls and fellow BTWI board members

Looking forward to seeing the final segment and how it turned out    As for when Nightline airs, it comes on at 11:35 PM CDT.

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Hope it was informative and that those of you who saw it got something out of it. As for right now, won't know when the air date of theis show will be, but you know thhat when it happens, I'll let you TransGriot readers kow...

TransGriot Update:  Hearing form the producers that the show we taped will air sometime in mid to late August 

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