Thursday, October 03, 2019

2019 TransGriot NFL Picks -Week 5

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We have now gone through a quarter of the 2019 NFL season with the calendar page turning to October.   Week 4 was good to me because I won my second week of this year's prognostication contest despite all the upsets.

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I didn't see the Texans- Panthers game because I was in downtown Houston attending the GLBT Caucus Equality Brunch.   Glad I was because I probably would have been throwing things at my TV.   Can y'all fire Bill O'Brien and get us a new coach?

The Cowboys lost to the Saints, so anything that shuts up the Harris County Dallas Cowchip fans is all good for me.

Who Dat?  Who Dat?  Who dat thought they were gonna beat dem Saints?

Enough messing with these Cowchip fans, time to get to this week's picks.  Another 15 games since the Lions and Dolphins are on their bye week     As usual, my picks will be in bold red print with the home team in all CAPS.    Mike's Week 5 picks can be found at this link.

Week 4 Results                            NFL Season Results
TransGriot  9-6                             TransGriot   39-23-1
Mike           8-7                              Mike           38-24-1

Thursday Night Game
SEAHAWKS over Rams

Sunday Early Games 
TEXANS over Falcons
Jaguars over PANTHERS
Patriots over WASHINGTON
TITANS over Bills
Ravens over STEELERS
BENGALS over Cardinals
SAINTS over Buccaneers
Vikings over GIANTS
Bears over RAIDERS
EAGLES over Jets

Sunday Afternoon Games
CHARGERS over Broncos
Packers over COWBOYS

Sunday Night Game
CHIEFS over Colts

Monday Night Game
49ERS over Browns

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