Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Transwoman Brandy Martell Killed In Oakland

Another day, another Black transwoman killed somewhere. and as a Daily Kos post noted, nobody gave a damn.   Correction, nobady gave a damn except her friends, family and other Black transwomen and our allies around the country who are saying to themselves there but for the grace of God go I.

Hell, Paige Clay still hasn't been buried yet in Chicago, and we're talking about the murder of yet another one of our African descended transsisters.    We now have to add 37 year old Brandy Martell's name to the depressingly lengthening list of people whose names we'll be lighting candles for and reading at the 2012 TDOR.

Martell according to a news report was shot to death April 29 in downtown Oakland at Franklin and 13th Street just a block from city hall while sitting behind the steering wheel of her car.   

According to what a witness told Laura Anthony of ABC7, Martell was sitting behind the wheel of her car around 5:15 AM PDT  Sunday when one or two men walked up and began a conversation that appeared cordial on the surface but a few moments later one of the men became angry and fired into the car at Martell.

Until late last year, Martell worked as an outreach worker at the Tri-City Health Center in Fremont, CA  which serves the local trans community.

According to a note posted on my FB page courtesy of Tanajsha Thomas the homegoing service will take place on Wednesday May 9 at 11 AM PDT at C.P. Bannon Mortuary .  Address for those of you in the Bay Area wishing to attend is 6800 International Blvd,. Oakland, CA. 94621.

"When you don't provide a space in society for people who you think are the other or different, especially transgender women, especially transgender women of color, when you don't provide spaces for them to be in a safe environment or a safe space, whether it's socializing or services, this is what happens," said Martell's friend Tiffany Woods to ABC7.

Martell's friends also suspect like we all do this murder is an anti-trans hate crime.   But until the wastes of DNA who killed her are apprehended and brought to justice, all we have is suspicion, another famiily having to make burial arrangements for a loved one, and her friends and colleagues mourning the passing of someone who died way too fracking soon.

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