Friday, May 30, 2008

One Denver Trip Ain't Happening

As many of you regular TransGriot readers know I was looking at the prospect in a few months of taking two Denver trips. One was going to be for the TRANScending Gender Conference at the University of Colorado-Boulder in October.

The August Denver trip was in the hands of the DNC. The Bilerico Project, the blog in which I'm a contributing writer was a finalist for the credentialed blogging spots at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver. I'd already arranged a place to stay and was prepared to use vacation time so that I could be there for what undoubtedly is going to be a historic convention.

But unfortunately, we got the word last night from the DNC that The Bilerico Project wasn't on the final list for credentialed blogs. While I'm disappointed for Bil that we didn't get it, I'm happy for fellow contributor Pam Spaulding. Her Pam's House Blend not only will be there, it's one of only two GLBT oriented blogs to get credentials for the upcoming convention.

What's bugging me, though is the same thing that's bugging Bil. The other blog that got an LGBT slot, Towleroad, while it is a quality blog that I peruse from time to time, doesn't even do politics on a regular basis like the Project does, much less tackle the prickly subjects head on such as race in the GLBT community or go in depth on transgender issues.

It's also overwhelmingly monoracial. Towleroad's readership is moneyed white gay male and their focus reflects that demographic. (translation-the peeps most likely to donate money to the party.) So like Bil, I have to wonder how much politics factored into the selection process and I'm a little disappointed I won't be there.

Fortunately Pam's blog not only does politics, it does it quite well. It's one I frequently read, and I've posted comments and diaries there from time to time. It's a diverse place to boot just like Bilerico and will serve the GLBT community well.

I have much love and respect for Pam. She's a role model to me. She was one of the first bloggers to give me a boost by allowing me to link to her blog when I started TransGriot in 2006 (Jasmyne Cannick was the other) and she's cool people to boot. I'm also happy that other African-American and minority bloggers will be there to record history as well.

But it looks like my return to Denver after two decades will be delayed now until October.


Polar said...

I won't criticize those who made the list; I will, however, protest the omission of Bilerico, and wonder if its exclusion is due to its high transgender and POC representation. I also wonder just how much influence the HRC might have over this selection.

Angry Black-White Girl said...

I live in Denver and work for the Colorado Anti-Violence Program, which works to end violence within and against Colorado's LGBTQ communities. I LOVE your blog and would love to hook you up with whatever you might need when you come to Denverl <3