Friday, March 30, 2007

Twenty Things I Love About Kentucky

While y'all know I have much love for my birth state and my hometown, I've grown to love and appreciate a few things that are unique to living in Kentucky as well.
(and being able to scarf up Blue Bell again makes it even better)

So without further ado, the Top Twenty things I like about Kentucky.

1-GLBT civil rights protection in Louisville Metro, Lexington-Fayette County and Covington

2-Fall colors

3-Keeneland (especially in the fall)

4-The beauty of the horse farms around Lexington

5-The number of major cities clustered within a ten-hour driving radius of Louisville.

6-The Kentucky Derby and all the hoopla surrounding it.

7-Derby pie and Chess pie

8-SEC football and basketball on the tube

9-Big East football and basketball on the tube

10-I can still see all the pro and college sports teams I grew up with in H-town by driving to Indy, Cincy, St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville or Chicago.

11-I'm an hour's drive from Mammoth Cave in the south central half of the state.

12-The cost of living is roughly comparable to Houston's.

13-The Ali Center and the Louisville Slugger Museum.

14-The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center museum being a little over an hour away in Cincinnati.

15-The wonderful architecture, alleys and huge trees in Louisville and Lexington neighborhoods that are older than my hometown.

16-The Castle in Versailles, KY

17-Adam Matthews cheesecake (it's the bomb)

18-I have four weather seasons and summers are cooler than what I'm used to (sometimes)

19-The great local pizza parlors.

20-Blue Bell is sold here now!

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