Thursday, September 17, 2020

TransGriot 2020 NFL Picks- Week 2

Still early to judge Texans' trading of DeAndre Hopkins
The first week of the season is the hardest one to get right because of all the changes to personnel, coaching, et cetera.   It was also tricky not having any preseason games to look at as a guide to how these team's might play in the regular season 

Despite that, I did go 10-6 in the opening week. Could have done better if I hadn't changed my  Cardinals- 49ers pick.  Hopkins going off in that game combined with the Texans Thursday night loss to the Chiefs revived again the criticism that I and a lot of people in H-town leveled at Bill O'Brien for trading D-Hop in the first place without getting at least a first round pick for him.   The Texans brutal opening schedule isn't going to help quiet the critics..

Oh well, lesson learned.  Next time I follow my intuition and stick with it. 

So let's get to this week's picks.   Mike's will be here at this link.   My picks will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.

Week 1 Results                                                                 2020 Season Record 
TransGriot  10-6                                                               TransGriot  10-6
Mike           11-5                                                                Mike          11-5 

Thursday Night
BROWNS over Bengals

Sunday Early
TITANS over Jaguars 
BUCCANEERS over Panthers 
STEELERS over Broncos
Rams over EAGLES 
49ers over JETS 
Bills over DOLPHINS
COLTS over Vikings
PACKERS over Lions 
COWBOYS over Falcons 
BEARS over Giants

Sunday Afternoon 
Ravens over TEXANS 
CARDINALS over Washington 
Chiefs over CHARGERS

Sunday Night 
SEAHAWKS over Patriots 

Monday Night 
Saints over RAIDERS (L)

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