Wednesday, February 25, 2015

KY Republicans Shadily Pass Unjust Anti-Trans SB 76 Out Of Committee

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Don't pop that champagne cork in the Bluegrass state concerning the unjust Bathroom Bounty Bill's demise just yet. 

Never underestimate the GOP's desire to hate on groups they don't like.

The Teapublican haters in the Senate Education Committee regrouped, waited until Sen. Gerald Neal (D-Louisville) and Sen. Julie Raque Adams (R-Louisville) were not in Frankfort, then called a snap meeting of the committee Monday night to revisit the issue.

And this time they also made sure they had the transphobes speaking in front of the committee

"I know of several girls at my school who are uncomfortable with my school's policy but are afraid to speak out about it because they know the school's not on their side and they're afraid of judgment by their peers," Christina Kelty told reporters. "I thought those girls needed a voice."

Umm hmm.  Being a transphobe and an oppression enabler should ALWAYS make you uncomfortable, Christina

The bill shadily passed out of committee 8-1 with the lone NO vote belonging to Sen. Reginald Thomas, D-Lexington, who is the other African-American senator on the committee.

He also said this reminded him of an era when white students were uncomfortable using the restroom with Black students

The unjust bill now advances to the floor of the Teapublican controlled Kentucky senate (26-12 GOP edge), where we'll see if they waste valuable time in this legislative session debating it instead of passing a state budget.

But alas, it seems as though the 21st century Republican Party always has time to pass unjust laws that enable bigotry and oppression instead of govern..

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Destin Duhn said...

Gotta wonder, why do we pay taxes, lobbists seem to be paying these idiots and bigots well enough.