Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dads For Transgender Equality Video

I've talked more than a few times on this blog about the 'Mama Bears', the awesome mothers of transgender children call themselves who are fighting for the humanity and human rights of their gender variant kids.

We don't hear too often from the fathers of those trans kids, but many of them are just as involved, amazing and determined to make lives better for their kids as the mons are.

I've met and enjoyed talking to one of those trans dad in Wayne Maines, and have been getting more acquainted with those trans das as my interactions with trans parents hear and around the country increase.  

One thing I'm happy to see is that Wayne and the other fathers of trans children are stepping up their leadership game and becoming more vocal advocates for their kids.

Here's a video from HRC highlighting the Dads For Transgender Equality

Friday, July 22, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Meet The GOP That Hates On Me Edition

The Republicans held their Klan meeting convention in Cleveland this week to formally nominate Donald J. Trump as their 2016 presidential nominee.

All I have to say about that train wreck of a political convention is to borrow the eloquent words of the late Maya Angelou.  "When somebody shows you who they are the first time, believe them."

trump familyYes, the Republicans showed us who aren't members who they are as a party   From their overwhelmingly white convention hall, facts free podium speeches, gleeful engagement in WTF levels misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia, their reprehensible 2016 platform, jacking the words of a First Lady they hate, and the Triumph of the Trump.
And for once my Texas GOP politicians weren't the ones leading the charge on the rampant GOP ignorance on display.

The #RNCinCLE will go down in political infamy and hope on November 8 they will be crying in their ballrooms as the media announces another historic American election first.

That's a nice segue to getting to our usual Friday TransGriot business of pointing out what fool, fools or group of fools took greater steps toward becoming infamous in their own right.  So let's get busy calling them out.  

Honorable mention number one is conservative talk show host Laura Ingrahamfor her Nazi salute after the conclusion of her remarks.  Yeah, we in reality based America were paying attention.

Honorable mention number two is 'Pastor' Mark  Burns for his hateful benediction exalting Conservagod and the Republican Party that Uncle Ruckus would have been proud of.

And y'all wanna know why I can't stand kneegrow sellout pastors.

Honorable mention number three is Ben Carson for letting loose with the transphobia again.   Me and my unapologetic Black trans siblings find you and other kneegrow Republicans to be 'absurd' as well.   There are more than 1.4 million trans people here in the US, deal with it.

Honorable mention number four is Rep. Steve King (R-IA) for his racist MSNBC interview.  And yes Steve,non-whites have created many of inventions, created the music, and countless other innovations that benefit society as a whole.,

Honorable mention number five is the Trumpenfuhrer, Donald Trump, for pick a RNC convention moment.   The cavalcade of lies in his far too long acceptance speech, the lies he told this week, the attacks on Ted Cruz and John Kasich, the creepy feeling up his daughter on stage and the orange tanned arrogance.

And we still have four more months left until this election is mercifully over.

Honorable mention number six is NC Governor Pat McCrory (R), who continues to be in denial that it's his and the NC GOP's fault their state is hemorrhaging jobs and events because of HB2 and is trying (and failing) to blame everyone,

The NBA became the latest entity to remove an event from the state because of the unjust HB2 law by pulling the 2017 NBA All Star Game from Charlotte.

Please NC, remove Pat McCrory from your governor's mansion along with the GOP majority that blitzed this madness through the legislature in November.

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay conservative Breitbart tech editor who found himself getting a permanent Twitter ban for racistly attacking and promoting abuse of actress Leslie Jones to the point she briefly left Twitter  

Jones is one of the stars in the all-female remake of Ghostbusters, which raked in $46 million in its opening weekend despite the cries of the movie bros hatin' on the remake

Yiannopoulos has proven in this ugly episode that elements of the conservative white gay male community can be just as reprehensibly racist as their straight conservative male counterparts.

And oh yeah, Milo Yiannopoulos, shut up fool!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

DeShanna And Trinity Meet Gov. Markell

I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to over the last few years many of the mothers who are raising trans kids like Jeanette Jennings, Debi Jackson, and Kim Pearson.

In my Houston area backyard, thanks to Gender Infinity that's run by Dr. Colt Meier, I've gotten to meet more of the 'Mama Bears' as they call themselves, and Ann Elder and Kimberly Shappley are just two of the amazing mom's I've gotten to meet.

But one of the things that I have been repeatedly asked by people is where are the trans parents who look like me?   Where are the Black trans parents who unconditionally love and support their trans kids and are raising them to be the best human beings they can be and not tossing them out on the street?

Their Black Lives Matter as well, and I was jumping up and down ecstatic to hear about Delaware based mom DeShanna Neal and her precocious preteen trans daughter Trinity.  

If Deshanna's name sounds familiar to you, it's because she was one of the four mothers profiled in the Trans United Fund video that was released back on Mother's Day.

She also authored a well received post in the Advocate about why her daughter's Black Life Matters and making a better world for Trinity and all her kids.

I finally got to meet both of them at this year's edition of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, and it was a joy to meet DeShanna, spend some quality time with her during the PTHC, and watch Trinity interact with other kids like her at the pool party.

On July 13 she and her family got to meet with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D) and her state representative Paul Baumbach (D).  Gov Markell has been a standup ally of the trans community, supported and signed the Delaware trans rights law when it hit his desk in 2013 and supports the DOE/DOJ trans guidelines.   Rep. Baumbach has also been a supportive ally and the Neal's are happy to have his as their state representative.

Said Neal about that recent meeting, "Hearing him express his support and acceptance for the LGBT community, and especially trans children, gave me hope for a better future for my daughter and Delaware's transgender community."

Congratulations for the successful meeting with your state's governor.   It's a light years different response from Texas top governmental officials when it comes to trans kids in my home state.

Gov. Markell's words and deeds give me and the trans elders around the country who love and support our trans kids hope as well when we hear positive news like this.. And it's even more amazing as an unapologetic Black trans person to see Trinity be showered in unconditional love. This should be the rule for our trans kids, not the exception.

Kimberly's News 88.7 Radio Interview

While the Republican Party and my reprehensible lieutenant governor has made no secret of their gleeful hatred of trans people for political gain, there are people inside their ranks trying to change that anti-trans pattern who are mothers of transgender children.

One of those mothers is in my Houston area backyard. Kimberly Shappley is not only a Republican but an evangelical Christian raising a trans feminine daughter.

She has been stepping up her visibility over the last few months as she seeks to fight for the human rights of her child Kai, and recently was interviewed on News 88.7 by Florian Martin about her journey.

Here's the link to the News 88.7 interview.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Down Goes The Texas Voter Suppression Law Again!

You know how much I despise the Texas voter suppression law that is considered one of the most restrictive in the nation.  The GOP dictatorship controlled Texas legislature passed the law in 2011 to as they gleefully admit suppress the votes of Black and Latino Texans in their desperate bid to keep political control of a state that  non-white Texans since 2009 have been the dominant population group.

SB 14 requires Texans to have one of six forms of ID, a Texas driver's license or ID card, a concealed handgun license, a US passport, a military ID card or a US citizenship certificate with a photo.

African American and Latinx Texans have contended since the unjust SB 14 law was passed in 2011 that it was discriminatory, and have been fighting it in court ever since.  Texas, and specifically our texas republican overlords keep spending our Lone Star tax dollars ($3.5 million) so far to keep the unjust law in effect.

Doing the happy dance right now because the Dallas Morning News is reporting the Texas voter suppression law was once again struck down in federal court under the VRA's Section 2.

In a 9-6 en banc ruling. the 5th Circuit affirmed previous rulings that the Texas Voter ID Suppression Law violates federal laws prohibiting racial discrimination in elections and struck it down today..

'The record shows that the drafters and proponents of SB 14 were aware of the likely disproportionate effect of the law on minorities, and that they nonetheless passed the bill without adopting a number of proposed ameliorative measures that might have lessened this impact," wrote Judge Catharina Haynes in her ruling.  BTW, in case you're keeping score, surprise surprise, Judge Haynes is a GW Bush appointee.

I'm not the only Texan happy about this ruling.   The Texas Democratic Party and a long list of liberal social justice groups are hailing the decision striking down the odious SB 14.

"Texas Republican's discriminatory Voter ID law has held some 700,000 Texans away from their right to vote for many elections now," said Gilberto Hinojosa, the chair of the Texas Democratic Party as he commented on the decision. "Unfortunately, that damage by Republicans has already been done to our families.  However we can now look forward to a fairer election system, worthy of our great state. This is a huge win for voting rights in Texas and across the nation."

The law has been struck down now three times, twice under the now eviscerated Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, and now under Section 2 of the VRA,   May it stay dead.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RIP Deneequia Dodds

Once again we have lost another of our young trans people to senseless violence.

22 year old Dennequia 'Dee Dee' Dodds was shot in the early morning hours on July 4 in a northeast DC alley just a few blocks from her home in the 200 block of Division Ave NE.  After police were flagged down to reach her at 3 AM EDT, she was taken to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to her neck, and was on life support for nine days before she was taken off of it and died July 13

"Her death reminds us all how often the transgender community is targeted for violence in our society," said longtime DC based trans advocate Earline Budd, who is acting as a spokesperson for the family.

Casa Ruby founding executive director Rudy Corado said in a statement, "Deneequia was part of the Casa Ruby family, and she is gone but not forgotten.  Her death will not be in vain."

"Casa Ruby denounces the genocide of young transgender women of color. People in leadership need to address the employment barriers that keeps trans women of color from accessing the resources they need to grow healthy and thrive," Corado added.
She would have celebrated her 23rd birthday this month.   Instead her family is planning her funeral instead of a birthday party. . A vigil was held in the courtyard of her home  at 5255 Clay Terrace NE on Saturday, with Dodds' funeral scheduled to take place July 25.

Deneequia Dodds has become the 15th trans person to die this year, and fits the ongoing pattern of anti-trans violence of  being a trans woman of color and under age 30.

DC Metropolitan Police has not released any information about a suspect, nor are they investigating Dodds' murder as a hate crime.  But with her death, when they do catch the perpetrator of this crime, that waste of DNA will be facing homicide charges.

MPD is also looking for information that will help solve this crime and bring Deneequia's killer to justice    You can call 202-727-9099 if you have information about this case.  You can also text 50411 to anonymously submit you information about this case.

There is a reward of up to $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this  case, and I hope our sister receives justice soon.  The Washington DC trans community and our allies will be making sure that happens.

Ben Carson Engages In Transphobia Again

Ben Carson has been for the last several months engaging in facts-free transphobic attacks on us, and on the eve of his Republican National Convention speech in Cleveland once again has unleashed his ignorant and ill informed opinion about us.

Shouldn't be surprising since he worked at the long time transphobic Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Carson said in his problematic remarks that being transgender was 'absurd' and 'doesn't make any sense'.but then launched into an absurd comparison conflating gender identity to ethnicity that didn't make any sense

"For someone to wake up and think that they belong to a different sex because they feel different that day is the same as if you woke up and said I'm Afghani today because I saw a movie about that last night and even though my genetics might not indicate that, that's the way I feel, and if you say that I'm not, then you're a racist."

Naw you ignorant conservafool, what you are is a transphobic idiot that needs to get acclimated to the increasingly solid science and evidence that trans people exist despite you and your party's ongoing attempts to dehumanize us and deny our existence.

And you also need to recognize along with your party that transgender rights are international human rights.

Rep. Steve King Shows His White Supremacist Side

While Melania Trump is justifiably being dragged by Twitter for plagiarizing First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 speech, need to direct your attention to much more egregious commentary made earlier in the day by a longtime TransGriot SUF Awards contender in Rep. Steve King (R-IA)

I can't stand King because of his long history racist remarks, but yesterday he went too far during an MSNBC interview in which he must have been reading Mein Kampf before he went on air

King said that non-whites 'subgroups' haven't contributed to Western civilization in comments made in response to writer Charles Pierce's comments about 'old white guys' running the Republican Party. .
Well Steve, here's a short list for the stuff just African Americans have contributed to society like blood banks, open heart surgery, traffic signals, gas masks, potato chips, refrigerated trucks and railway cars, the world's fastest computer, automated steam engine lubricator and the Super Soaker water gun..

Benjamin Banneker not only built the first clock in the Americas, he published an almanac for over a decade and helped do the surveys that laid out Washington D.C.

So naw fool, your ignorant racist behind doesn't even need to try to go there

Melania Trump Plagiarizes Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC Speech

Last night I watched much of the first night of the Republican National Convention from Cleveland, and got so tired of the race bating and sellout kneegrows like Sheriff David Clarke being on the podium that for self-care reasons I turned it off before Melania Trump's speech and started following the far more entertaining Twitter commentary.

I then noted before the media finally started talking about it increasing chatter on Twitter that started sharing Jarrett Hill's observation that Trump's speech had two paragraphs that were strikingly similar to one that First Lady Michelle Obama gave at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The Hill observations turned out to be so on point that the networks were after initially praising the Melania Trump speech, forced to address the growing plagiarism controversy as the Trump campaign scrambled to try to respond to it.

So what's the big deal about plagiarizing speeches?  Allegations of it sank Joe Biden's 1988 presidential campaign.  Careers have gone down in flames for it, and people have been expelled from colleges and universities for doing so.

When you also listen to the Trump speech, the message sounds oddly out of sync when you consider that Melania grew up in Slovenia.   It was part of Communist run Yugoslavia at the time she was born in 1970 before the 1991 breakup of that country and Slovenia's subsequent independence after a brief ten day war.

As I also pointed out in my take on this growing controversy on my Twitter feed, this was a real time example of a common problem in terms of Black intellectual property being jacked by whites for their own personal gain.  This happens far too often with Black women having their words repeatedly stolen by white women with little to zero credit for being the originators and creators of those words and receiving no compensation for it.

Trump also claimed in an interview before she went on the RNC stage she'd written the speech without much help in what was expected to be a moment to introduce Melania to the world and humanize her reprehensible husband..

Of course Twitter gleefully went all in on their dragging Melania Trump mission, and the hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes quickly rose to become the number one Twitter hashtag along with the #BeckyWithTheBorrowedSpeech one as Trump supporters and his campaign team tried to furiously spin away what happened.

Michelle Obama

This plagiarism situation was also dripping with irony.  The plagiarized section is discussing honesty, character and integrity, and since you couldn't find nice things to say about The Donald, so you steal them from a speech the FLOTUS is giving about her hubby the POTUS who does role model those qualities.

First Lady Michelle Obama has been demonized, misgendered, had her intelligence questioned despite possessing two Ivy League degrees earned with stellar grades and has been called everything but a child of God by the conservative movement.

But when it comes to speech writing, either Trump or someone on her husband's campaign team had no problem stealing the FLOTUS' eloquent August 25, 2008 words to put in Melania's teleprompter.

We'll have to see how this latest Trump campaign mess plays out not only for the rest of the RNC, but also for Melania Trump and this train wreck of a presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton 2016 NAACP Convention Speech

Lost in all the news of the opening of the RNC convention is the fact that 250 miles away on the southern end of Ohio, the 107th NAACP National Convention is taking place at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati.

As per tradition, both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates were invited to speak to the NAACP convention delegates, with Sec. Hillary Clinton accepting her invitation to do so while Donald Trump declined.

Then again, if I sucked as bad on issues of importance to African Americans, had been saying racist crap for decades and my presidential race poll numbers were worse than Romney's, I'd be finding any excuse NOT to speak to 'The Blacks' either or put myself in a position to be called on it.

Here is the video of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's Monday speech to the NAACP convention.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Trans Commercial To Air During RNC Convention

The Republican National Convention kicks off at noon EDT and during the event as of yet we have not heard of any trans delegates that will be in attendance, unlike the DNC one that will happen next week.

But one of the interesting things that will occur is a commercial that will be run on FOX News pushing for transgender equality courtesy of

You know I'm highly skeptical of what good it will do broadcasting this ad it on a network that at times has mocked and demonized our humanity, but if there are movable people who call themselves conservatives, it can't hurt to try.  

Besides, in addition to getting some of our own recalcitrant peeps on the left to understand that trans rights are human rights issues and it's not cool to discriminate against us, we do have to try to persuade people on the right of that basic premise.

Here's the ad in question.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Moni's In The Show Me State Edition

I'm in St Louis for the 2016 edition of Netroots Nation and having a blast getting to see everyone and checking out the various panels on the schedule.

But as this #NN16 event rolls on, the world keeps turning and fools keep opening their mouths, and I gots to call them out.

Let`s get straight to the the point of this week's post and let y`all know who won this week.

Our Shut Up Fool loser winner today is the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

He proves with every utterance coming out of his mouh why he is unfit to be the president of the United States and doesn't need to be anywhere near the nuclear launch codes.   From the attack on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to flapping his gums on other subjects he demonstrates he has little to no knowledge about, Americans with common sense are quickly realizing that when The Donald open his mouth, he's lying.

Donald Trump, shut up fool!