Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

It's simply known as 'The Championships', but tennis fans all over the world know that you're talking about Wimbledon, the second jewel of the tennis Grand Slam that started June 23 and runs through July 6.

The defending champ is Venus Williams, and so far she's made it into the round of 16 without dropping a set. She's seeded sixth in this tournament and also broke the Wimbledon record for fastest serve. She uncorked a 127 mph ace to close out her third round straight set 6-1, 7-5 victory over Spain's Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez.

Seventh seeded baby sis Serena is also in the Round of 16 and hasn't dropped a set either. She did have to work to oust France's Amelie Mauresmo in their third round match. Mauresmo forced a tiebreaker in their first set that Baby Sis took 7-5, then blew her out in the second set 6-1 to take the match.

At least this year we have the possibility of a Sister-Sister final. Serena on paper looks like she has an easier draw, while Venus has Jelena Jankovic on her side of it. The Williams sisters will also be representing the USA at the Beijing Games and my Houston homegirl Zina Garrison will be coaching the Team USA women. I'll be tuning in to the Olympic tennis tournament being conducted from August 10-17 as well to see if my girls can bring home the gold.

We'll find out over the course of this week if the Williams sisters will be the last women standing as they seek to add additional Wimbledon singles and doubles titles to the ones they've already won.


kid said...

OT,I thought you were part of the 'spear .I don't see you anywhere on my blogroll. If there's a problem let me know.I will put you on my blogroll if you aren't on ours.when you go to Denver let me know what happens,later.

Monica Roberts said...

Not yet.
I've applied, no reponse yet

kid said...

Dammit, I vouch for you . U R important. We want you in Denver.I may be letting 'spear business out , we loved U more than the last pork chop on the plate.

There were none against you.We don't roll like that.

Monica Roberts said...

I'm honored. Glad some 'spear' members love my blog and consider it a worthy addition to the broad spectrum of opinion that encompasses the Afrospear.

Unfortunately, the Bilerico Project, the blog I'm a contributing writer for was denied DNC credentials. I didn't put in one for TransGriot, so as of now, I won't be going to Denver until I speak at a conference there in November

Y'all will get to meet me at the Blogging While Brown conference in the ATL.

caprice said...

I hope they DONT both make it to the final. They never play well against each other.

Monica Roberts said...

Caprice, I'm hoping they do and prove you wrong this time..

Polar said...

Jankovic bit the dust today. Looks increasingly like someone named Williams from Houston could be winning the Championships. Maybe Sarah Ferguson might be wearing an outfit from Aneres to the final?


Hey Monica! {waves}

I'm new here but I have linked your blog to my blog for months!! I just haven't come by to chat with you...

Thanks for showing love for the Williams sistas!! I love that photo of them! They are champions on and OFF of the court!

{thumbs up}

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!
Minister L. Vazquez