Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fracked Up

An MKR Poem

photo-actress Kandyse McClure as Battlestar Galactica's Lt. Anastasia Dualla-Adama

Fracked up
Jacked up
Makes me wanna act up
To keep me from blowing up

'Bout how you hate me
Berate me
Constantly denigrate me
My African-American family

There's other transpeeps like me
Out and proud as can be
From sea to shining sea
Sharing your DNA history

Praying to be free
To match mind and body
With our gender identity
That's our reality

Want to live our lives
Without the shuck and jive
Not struggle to survive
Ready and eager to thrive

Sick of your jealousy
Your faith-based hypocrisy
Taking out your anger on me
About our jacked up society

Just because I changed gender
Doesn't make me a pretender
I'm a phenomenal contender
My Blackness I refuse to surrender

Don't care if you think
It's fracked up
Jacked up
Or I just need to shut up

Because you think I should be
In my birth body
Deny my true identity
To make your insecure azz happy

Keep chomping on the Hater Tots
Ashamed of being transgender I'm not
No more tears, anguish and strife
Cause I'm honestly living a life

That's not fracked up

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