Friday, June 13, 2008


One of the great things about the Net and blogs is not only the new friends you make as a result of your writing, sometimes it can reunite you with people that were once part of your life but for various reasons slipped out of it.

Back in October 2007 I wrote a post entitled Domino! in which I talked about my love for the game. I also pointed out how much of a cultural phenomenon it is for not only African-Americans but our Latino friends as well.

I talked about a college friend of mine named Raymond Jolivette whose antics during those games (and any other time on campus) when he was around kept our cadre of friends in stitches and made going to UH during that time a lot of fun. Well, yesterday morning when I checked my e-mail, I received one from Air Force Master Sergeant Raymond Jolivette.

Yep, the same Raymond Jolivette I wrote about in the post.

It was a wonderful surprise. He updated me on how his life has been going, but I can't call him 'Smurf' anymore. Brotherman not only had a late growth spurt, he put on some serious muscle as well. He's been in the Air Force serving our country for the last 23 years, and I definitely have much love and respect for that.

Unfortunately, he's lost touch with much of our crew as well. Hopefully we'll be able together to find out what happened to all our old college domino playing buddies and how their lives turned out.

But the thing I'm happiest about is that one of my old friends is back in my life.


shakay said...

Monica: It's always so good when an old friend becomes a part of our lives again.

Those who touch our lives along the way help us to become who we are today. Reconnecting with those who were a positive influence in our lives help us to grow further.

Monica Roberts said...

So true, Shari.
It's a connection to your personal history as well.

If that person is willing to accept you for the person you've evolved into, then it's all good as well.