Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tired Of The 'F' Word

The 'F' word I'm talking about in this case is Minister Louis Farrakhan.

It never fails that when an African-American candidate is running in a political race in which they have to appeal to a broad sector of the electorate, are sucessfully doing so, and winning (see Barack Obama a few months ago) the 'F' word comes out to 'scurr' white voters. It's why many African-Americans were more than angry with Chris Matthews when he brought up Minister Farrakhan in the MSGOP debate a few months ago.

I have mixed emotions about Louis Farrakhan personally like many African-Americans do. Hu-ell naw I don't like some of his negative comments about our Jewish friends and some of the other over the top statements over the years. But you have to admire somebody who can get formerly incarcerated men and other assorted knuckleheads to not only turn their lives around, but become responsible citizens who do their fair share to live up to our community's historic uplift the race mission.

You also have to admire someone who can inspire a million African-American men from all sectors of the community and across the country to organize, plan and gather together for a peaceful day on the Washington Mall.

For those of you who were focused more on Rev. Jeremiah Wright's antics and the subsequent MSM spin intended to damage Sen. Obama's march to the Democratic nomination, you missed out on the nuggets of truth that were interspersed during that infamous National Press Club speech.

While it is uncomfortable for White America to hear, Rev. Wright wasn't kidding when he stated that when Minister Farrakhan speaks, Black America listens. Many of us listen, analyze what he has to say, sift out the truth and dismiss what we don't like.

Even Tavis Smiley has gotten criticism for having him on the stage during several State of the Black Union events, but Tavis realizes what I know as well. There are folks in the African-American community to whom Minister Farrakhan appeals to, and an honest dialogue on our issues in the Black community can't take place if all parties aren't represented.

But I'm sick of African-American candidates getting whacked with decades old statements, video and five second snippets of Farrakhan soundbites in an obvious attempt to paint an African-American candidate with broad based white electorate appeal as 'racist'.

If some of y'all wanna fall for that okey-doke, that's on you. But if you let the bogus fear mongering from Faux News and the Right-Wing Noise Machine deter you from electing the best presidential candidate we've had since Bobby Kennedy for superficial reasons, that's a tragedy for the nation.


Jackie said...

I agree. I am sick of "news" folk throwing away people because they don't agree with every word they say. It's ridiculous.

Monica Roberts said...

It's also ridiculous that African-American candidates keep getting asked to repudiate 20 year old soundbites of Farrakhan, but white candidates don't get asked to repudiate the rantings of fundie ministers that share their ethnic heritage.