Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gabrielle's Gone

TransGriot readers,
if you've been perusing the blog lately you know that ever since I was sent the YouTube link to the Jenny Jones show interview with the Pickett twins, I've been wondering what happened to Gabrielle.

Today I'm sad to report that I received an e-mail from my homegirl Alexis. In that e-mail, she mentions that according to Gwen Smith, who chronicles the deaths of transpeople through her Remembering our Dead website and maintains a blog, Gabrielle was murdered in June 2003.

As I get further details, I will pass them on to you.


Jackie said...

How horrible! Both sisters.
R.I.P ladies.

Monica Roberts said...

yep, all because of who they were and their parents shunned them for it.

Cairo Jackson said...

This is so sad. Do share if you ever find out details about Gabrielle.