Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Katrina Plus 2

Today is the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastating landfall in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Never forget the people who died.

Never forget Bush's indifference to the suffering of fellow Americans.

Never forget the people who simply want to return home but can't.

Never forget the neglect and suffering our Republican controlled government allowed to happen (and continues to allow to happen) to our people in the aftermath of this disaster.

Keep fighting to make sure that the people responsible for this travesty are held accountable for it.


htx2002 said...

Hi this is SAdat!!! How are you doing?!!! I hope all is well, take care

Monica Roberts said...


Boy do i miss you, home and the wild and crazy people that hang out in your shop.

Hope you and the family are doing well. By the way, I wrote the shop into a scene in my novel 'On The Wings of Love'. I'll have to send it to you so you can read it.