Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Trans Awareness Week!

Today starts Trans Awareness Week 

This week is designed for individuals and organizations around the country to provide visibility for trans and gender non conforming people and highlight the issues we face as a community.

It's also a lead in to the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, that serves as a memorial day for all the people that we have lost here and around he world to anti-trans violence.

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Trans Awareness Week is a call to action for trans people and our allies to bring attention to and advance the cause of trans human rights.   It is also an opportunity to talk about the  transphobic bigotry, prejudice and violence we face and what we can do collectively to tackle these issues.

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Trans Awareness Week is also a time for those of us in the trans community to stand tall, remind the world that we will not be erased from society, and we are a community that has much to contribute to making our communities, our nations and the world better,

It's also a time to point out just how awesome we all are from our trans kids to our trans and gender non conforming elders.

Happy Trans Awareness Week!   Here's hoping that knowledge is expanded to cis people about our community, and that pride in being trans is increased among us.

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