Thursday, April 13, 2017

We Trans Peeps Are Not An Easy Right Wing Political Win

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One of the things I thought about on the Sunday plane ride home from Boston was how proud I've been about the US trans community standing up for itself against Republican tyranny and oppression.

If the right wingers 
in the wake of their SCOTUS loss on marriage thought that by shifting their focus to attacking transgender people they would get an easy political win, they were sadly mistaken.

We are people who have had to fight a long list of people for decades that includes the TERFs, transphobic lesbian and gay folks, politicians, the media, academia, our blood families, the medical establishment and clergy just for our right to exist,

What made the Southern Baptists, the Roman Catholic Church, the Republican Party and the conservative movement think that people who have had to fight 
tooth and nail just to exist wouldn't fight their azzes just as hard to beat them?

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You're finding out that you should have left us alone, accepted your SCOTUS marriage loss and moved on.  But you conservafool wanted to continue your centuries long tradition of being wrong on the human rights issues of the day and exercise your oppressor gene against another marginalized community 

You started World War T against us, and now you're finding out that we give just as good as we get. We had no choice.  You stated attacking our trans kids, and those attacks on the humanity and human rights of our kids we trans adults could not allow to go unchecked. 

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By attacking our kids, you also got people off the fence about where they stand about trans human rights and helped us get a whole lot of allies.  It also brought the Mama and Papa Bears in our ranks. By attacking trans kids, you forced their parents into the fight to protect their humanity and human rights against your state sponsored legislative bullying.    

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You are also finding out that not only are trans adults formidable opposition, our kids are formidable leaders as well and inspire us to fight even harder for our community.. We trans folks are also justice seeking individuals who want a world better than the one that we arrived in.   

We trans peeps and our allies have the moral high ground in this international human rights fight.   You didn't and never will, and your desperate oppressive actions and anti-trans propaganda aimed at our community only make that increasingly clear to us and all who are paying attention that you are the unjust oppressors and the trans community are the aggrieved party whose human rights are under attack by you.  
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And we have legislators and a growing list of organizations on our side who are willing to stand up and call out your oppression against our community.

So if you thought we were going to be an easy political win or we would just roll over and cower in the corner as you gleefully stripped away our human rights, naw boo boo kitties, we aren't 

To borrow the words from Kara Thrace of Battlestar Galactica, we're fighting you until we can't, and we're fighting until you leave us alone to live our lives without your loud and wrong interference. 

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