Friday, January 13, 2017

Wear Black On Inauguration Day!

I'm going to be in Philadelphia for Creating Change when it happens, but I already know what color I'm going to wear on that day:  Black/

Hey, it's what you wear to a funeral, and at 12:01 PM EST hope is going to die 139 miles away from me along with the America we got to enjoy under the Obama Administration when Twitler gets sworn in.

And make sure your TV is turned to any channel not showing his inauguration or watch Netflix.

While it may be a glorious day for white supremacists and Republicans, it won't be for the 65, 844, 954 Americans who didn't want this vile waste of DNA in the Oval Office.

So what do you do when you attend a funeral and are paying your respects to the deceased?  You wear black.   .That'a what I'm planning to do on this Inauguration Day in protest of Trump desecrating the presidency and the White House

Hell, I may even wear my Black beret with it.

So for those of you who wish to join me across the nation and the world in protest this outrage, please join me in wearing black next Friday.  

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