Friday, January 13, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- First Friday The 13th Edition

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This is the first of only two Friday the 13ths on the 2017 calendar with the next one happening in October.   But the date that is really going to be a scary nightmare is seven days from now at 12:01 PM EST.

It's time for our weekly TransGriot business of calling out fools, so let's get to it.

Honorable mention number one is Diamond and Silk for coonery above and beyond the call of duty.

Honorable mention number two is the group of kneegrow pastors who held a press conference to urge the confirmation of unrepentant segregationist Jeff Session for AG

 Uncle Ruckus would be proud of you.   This is also prime evidence why I can't stand conservative kneegrows.  They will sell you out for their own selfish gain every time.

Honorable mention number three is Uncle Ruckus in real life in Ben Carson, who partled his lips to say that TBLGQ Americas don't deserve 'extra rights'  

Naw you ignorant mofo, demanding that people respect you humanity and human rights is not 'extra rights', it's a constitutional imperative.

Honorable mention number four is Sen. Mitch McConnell, for just pick an outrage.

Honorable mention number five is Kellyanne Conway, for lying every time she opens her mouth.

Honorable mention number six is to Steve Harvey for his bigoted comment about Asian men.  Some friends of mine are married to Asian men and are extremely happy and satisfied they have them as their life partners.

Honorable mention number seven to Matt Walsh for his racist The Blaze column  insinuating that Black youth aren't human.  That's mighty white wing of you considering you're descended from people who enslaved, sexually assaulted  and brutalized Africans for several centuries

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This week's Shut Up Fool loser winner is Jeff Sessions.   During his confirmation testimony to become the next attorney general, he claimed he worked on civil rights cases on issues he has actively opposed and was called on it by Sen Al Franken,

He also whined ''it's hard to be a white southern senator' in response to a question by Sen. Lindsey Graham ,

Naw Senator, you have been a documented unrepentant bigot for much of your public service life, and now you're upset about being called a racist?   Coretta Scott King wouldn't have written that 1986 letter opposing your nomination to the federal bench with the words 'Jeff Sessions would irreparably damage the work of my husband, Martin Luther King Jr' if you weren't a racist.

If you didn't support the KKK and push racist policies, maybe that pointed hood wouldn't fit so well.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, have several seats and shut your lying azz up,fool

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