Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pat Robertson Has Another TBLG Broken Clock Moment

I posted the transcript of the October 5, 1999 700 Club show on TransGriot in which Rev. Pat Robertson has a broken clock moment and acknowledges that being a transsexual is not a sin.
Too bad the rest of the Christobigots weren't paying attention and they've deleted the video of it, but the worlds remained on the Internet and I whackk the faith based haters with them every chance I get.    

Here's the video of another one of Pat's broken clock moments in which he states that Christians bullying TBLG kids is wrong    

Knowing them, once this becomes public knowledge that Pat said something humane about rainbow community people they'll probably delete this video too once they realize it's out there.

So I'd advise you liberal progressive peeps to get busy copying it before they delete it along with the transcript of his remarks from the 700 Club website.

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