Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elections Matter, GL People

Had one of my Facebook friends shoot me a link to a discussion in which once again, predominately white GL activists were ranting about the executive order issue and getting their left wing hate on for President Obama

One person in the thread who is a proud GetEqual supporter, implied that whichever party held a political office didn't matter and expressed more faith in direct action than the ballot box..

It has little to do with who is in office and everything to do with our community's willingness to fight

Oh really?
Spoken like someone chock full of vanillacentric privilege  and that's where you and your organization are tragically wrong.  Elections matter and if you were a person of color you wouldn't part your lips to say something so categorically obtuse.

It calls me to question whether you GetEqual people really have a vowel and a clue about how to get rainbow community human rights coverage done right in the first place, much less have a coherent long range plan for doing so besides hating on President Obama.  

Political Reality Check 101 for you since it seems as though some of you slept through your high school civics or your collegiate political science classes.   What party controls the state houses, Congress, city hall, the judicial benches, the governor's mansion, the White House is a big fracking deal, especially if you are part of a mariginalized minority group.  Control of the White House is also important because the president appoints justices for the federal court system and the Supreme Court.  

And news flash for you white GLBT peeps, in case you haven't realized it yet, Moni's going to break it down for you.  You are part of a marginalized minority group now and as such have been knocked down a few pegs from your former perch at the top of the societal privilege food chain.

That means that you have a new political reality to absorb, and it's one that non-white TBLG people are intimately familiar with.

Rule Number One of the new political reality is that it is never a smart political play to even think about sitting out an election.   Why in the hell do you think the Republifools have spent so much time and money trying to suppress non white people's votes in advance of this election?

Rule Number Two you need to burn into your brains is that you can't get progressive legislation from conservative politicians.   

I'm also going to tear into another misguided comment I saw in this thread from another person.   This person who shall remain nameless suggested the GL community should stay at home in 2012 to 'punish' the Democrats and President Obama for not moving as fast as you vanillacentric privileged peeps deem necessary on rainbow community human rights issues.

Um, didn't
y'all try that 'punish the Dems by staying home' strategy in 2010?   How's that working out for you and the GL rights movement?

The only people you 'punished' because of your lack of strategic vision were yourselves, all women, middle class workers, the poor, and our children.   The only people that worked out for was the Tea Klux Klan and the Republicans.  They said.thank you very much clueless left wing Obama haters for staying at home and handing us power in a election cycle that was going to determine how federal, state and local legislative bodies were going to be reapportioned for the entire 2k10 decade.

Since one of them was a Texan, thank y'all very much for irrationally sitting at home and giving the Republicans a Texas House supermajority in the Lone Star State.  They promptly attempted to use it to disenfranchise Blacks and Latinos but thanks to the 1965 Voting Rights Act were stymied for the moment..  That supermajority also gave GOP legislators the political power to cut public school funding for starters and attack this community with more anti-gay legislation .  

Thank you clueless GL folks who hate Obama so much you allowed the Republicans to draw political legislative maps that will reduce our political power and make it harder for us to regain progressive majorities in the Texas legislature until 2020

And at the federal level, thank you for giving the POTUS half a congress that makes it impossible for him to get anything done GLBT rights wise or pass the liberal-progressive legislation we wish to have happen until 2013.

Elections matter, and the sooner you GL folks learn that simple lesson the conservafool moment has known since 1964, the faster we can make GLBT rights progress a reality. 

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