Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why Don't You Do More Transgender Posts?

Every now and then while I'm out and about in Da Ville I run into peeps who when they find out I'm the TransGriot, rave about my column or the blog.

One of the questions I got asked recently was why I don't have more content on transgender issues.

While transsexuality is a subject that I could literally find tons of angles to discuss, being a transperson is only one aspect of all the things that make up me. There are transgender bloggers, but not many of them focus on the issues of being TWB (transgender while Black).

As you TransGriot readers have discovered, I had (and still have) a relatively interesting life prior to transition that I've barely scratched the surface of. I have interests beyond just talking about being trans. I have sistafriends I hang out with, talk to on a regular basis and help sort out their drama. I'm keeping abreast of the news. I'm reading various books and listening to my massive CD collection. I'm also working 40 plus hours a week while squeezing time in to work on my novels.

I deeply appreciate the fact that many of you enjoy your time on TransGriot and keep coming back. As any writer will tell you, we love it when the work and sometimes late hours we put into compiling interesting and quality blog content is acknowledged by the comments you leave on the various posts. (hint, hint)

But as one of the few African-American peeps who talk about transgender issues, some of the stuff I relay to you is personal. My own family is struggling with a lot of the issues as well, so I have to balance what I can personally talk about versus a desire to not have too many details of their lives exposed to millions of people. I chose to do that in the name of educating peeps on transgender issues, they didn't.

Then there's simply writer's block. There are days or nights I sit in front of this computer and have a wonderful idea for a post, then I start typing, don't like the first, second or third draft and set it aside for a few hours. Sometimes I just hold the idea for a later time. Sometimes I end up just sitting there staring at the computer screen until I give up, shut it down and do something else for a while.

Rest assured, there will always be transgender content in this blog. It isn't called TransGriot for nothing. But the 'griot' in the blog name also means that I'm living up to the West African griot tradition of kicking knowledge to you on a wide variety of subjects as well.


Mes Deux Cents said...


It seems people alway like to put others in a box and they expect you to stay in that little box. Society always bulds little boxes for us too. If we don't allow ourselves to remain in these little boxes people ask why.

Most of us are really diverse in our own right, but many don't fully explore or voice who we are so as not to disturb the apple cart. I love your varied posts on so many different things.

I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and experiences as much as you are comfortable doing. As I said when I first began my blog I think you are very brave to write about so many intimate things. I have begun to post a few very personal poems on my blog. It was such a hard process to hit the publish button. But I have you as a blogging role model which makes it easier for me as I progress as a blogger and hopefully as a poet with a little talent.

So, thanks for your posts and not living in a box.

Jackie said...

Well I am certainly glad you write about a variety of stuff because I've learned tons from you other than about being Trans, including about blogging. I appreciate all that you share, just the way you do it.

Monica Roberts said...

Thanks ladies.

Jackie, thanks to you and Monica for your friendship and also your comments when I was doing that post series back in May about biowomen-transwomen friendships.

Ms. Deaux, I'm finding as I read your blog we have a lot in common and I'm looking forward to getting to know you as well.

I'm glad that y'all and 'errbody' who reads TransGriot not only enjoys the experience, but feel that y'all are better informed about transgender and other issues when you read my posts.

It means that I am fulfilling the mission that I set for myself when I started this blog and I'm happy about that.