Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Am She

An MKR poem

I am she
Was never he
May not agree
But here I be

I'm a divorcee
From masculinity
I'm so happy

Is my cup of tea
But society
Questions my sanity

I'm not a devotee
Of your whacked ideology
And let my femme spirit free

Take a look and see
The curvy femme body
Matching the femme personality
Residing in me

Born a he
Ain't easy being T
But I love myself unconditonally

I am she
Was never he
I say it with glee
For eternity


Mes Deux Cents said...


I love it. I Am She is really great. Have you read that at a poerty slam? I bet it would knock them over.

Thanks for posting that, you gave a nice boost to my Saturday!

Mes Deux Cents said...

Also, is that your doll pictured? I collect dolls. Mostly Sasha Bratz, WNBA dolls and Scary Spice dolls. But I think I'm going to expand my collection soon. The one you have pictured looks like a beauty pagent doll.

Monica Roberts said...

It was one of the designer Barbie series. I think it was the Byron Lars one.

I have ten Black Barbie dolls, all warious shades from cafe au lait to dark chocolate. Two of them I bought are exactly alike so I dress them as twins.

Haven't had the pleasure of doing poetry slam yet, but there is a Black bookstore here that does them I think on Friday nights.