Thursday, December 19, 2019

Trump Impeached!

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Y'all knew I was doing the happy dance when after eight hours of debate, the US House made history by impeaching Donald Trump. 

Trump becomes only the third POTUS in our nation's 241 year history to be impeached, and the first to have it happen in his first term.   He also got impeached by the most votes ever.

Richard Nixon resigned the presidency on August 9, 1974 before the House got to impeach and remove him from office.

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Both articles of impeachment passed primarily on party lines.

Article I, the abuse of power one, passed the House by a 230- 197 vote.    Article II, the Obstruction of Congress one, passed the House on a 229-198 vote.

There were two Democrats who voted NO on Article I and three who voted NO on Article II.  One of those Democrats who voted no is leaving for the Republican Party

Rep Tulsi Gabbard (Russian asset, HI) , confirming what Hillary Clinton said about her, voted 'PRESENT' on both articles of impeachment.  It's a .decision that is not sitting well not only with the voters of Hawaii's 2nd District, but with many people in the Democratic party questioning why she's even still in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary race

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While Trump will forever carry the stain of being on the short list of White House occupants who have been impeached, it does not mean he has been removed from office,

The impeachment is on a simple majority vote, and is basically an indictment.   The process now moves to the US Senate where the trial, presided over by Chef Justice John Roberts, will take place

It will take 67 senators voting YES to remove trump from office, and bear in mind that as of yet in US history no impeached president has been removed from office.

But we do have an election in November that will allow us to do just that. .

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