Thursday, February 02, 2017

Say Hello To Texas' First Transgender Mayor

In order to move trans acceptance in red states, we have to have people who actually live in and love them as much as the right wing haters fighting them tooth and nail to do so.

It's also even more important that trans people get involved in politics so that we are helping to shape the laws that govern us, not be on the political menu.

While Texas gay and lesbian folks have been getting elected to political positions for decades from judge to the state legislature to even mayor of Houston,  it has been a steeper climb for Texas trans people to make those same political advances

Phyllis Frye after being appointed by Mayor Annise Parker in 2010 became the first transgender judge in the nation and the Lone Star State.   But we are still trying to get a trans person elected to public office in our state.

New Hope Mayor Jess Herbst
Was happy to hear that we had some unexpected Texas political history recently made.   You have seen me chronicle on these electronic pages Jenifer Rene Pool's efforts to get elected to the Houston City Council and in the last cycle in 2016 Harris Country Commissioner.   She made Texas political history along the way last spring by becoming the first out Texas trans person to win a political party primary election.

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New Hope, Texas is a town of 670 residents 40 miles northeast of Dallas in the conservative bastion of Collin County,   58 year old Jess Herbst has lived in the town with her wife and two daughters since 1999 and in 2003, Herbst was elected as an alderman to the Town Council.

Herbst rose to become its road commissioner and mayor pro tem.   When New Hope Mayor Johnny Hamm passed away in May while seeking reelection for another two year term, it was too late to remove him from the ballot.   Hamm posthumously won reelection to the mayor's chair and Herbst, already serving as the mayor pro tem, was selected to fill his two year term.

Herbst subsequently came out in a letter to the residents of New Hope.  

Herbst has also been chronicling her trans journey and her life at her blog.

Congrats Mayor Herbst, Hope you can stay in that office, get elected for your own term and continue working for the people of New Hope to the best of your ability.

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