Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There They Go Again...GOP Vote Suppression

As someone who has experienced firsthand GOP vote suppression tactics, I'm concerned about the bull that I'm hearing over alleged 'voter fraud' that's been peddled over the last week.

I'm even more concerned over the reports of people's tires being slashed at a North Carolina Obama rally and the weeks long nekulturny behavior being expressed at McPalin hate rallies.

The GOP is once again taking pages out of their reprehensible vote suppression playbook and if there's anyone who needs to be investigated for voter fraud, it's the Republican Party.

But to me that's a sign that once again, the GOP is scared and know deep down they're losing.

They know that masses of Americans have rejected their message and all they have left is firing up their bigot base. It exposes the bankruptcy of conservatism in terms of the fact they can't win a straight up debate on the merits of their arguments.

It shows the nation and the world their morals and the lie of their 'country first' slogan when they resort to brownshirt tactics, race baiting and obfuscation to win elections.

It shows that they know that Dr. King predicted that the Black vote would be decisive in national elections and the Robert Kennedy forecast that a Black president would be elected within 40 years.

But this time, your reprehensible BS ain't gonna work. People are tired of your narrow exclusionary vision for America and want something better.

And this time you're gonna be dragged kicking and screaming along for the ride.


VĂ©ronique said...

Kicking and screaming...and whining.

This ride will do them a lot of good. :)

Monica Roberts said...

Just like 1992