Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Halloween Nightmare

What am I scared of this Halloween? It's not Jason, Chucky, Leatherface, Hannibal Lechter or the Klan.

It's hearing the words President-elect McCain or President Palin.

Talk about scary. This would be worse than any horror movie I've ever paid money to watch. This is a news report I don't want to come home to on November 5

Friends don't let friends vote Republican. Not when our nation's future is at stake.


Renee said...

You know even though I don't have a vote on this one the unhusband and I were discussing how strange it is that so many globally have so much invested in this election. I have Canadian friends that are calling in sick to celebrate if Obama wins.

Yesterday my sons Obama T-shirt finally arrived. You would have thought that we were having an early x-mas he was so excited. I promised him he could wear it to school on Tuesday. He is still missing the one thing that he wants, which is an Obama poster but I have not been able to find one anywhere.
I know I am running long, I just wanted to say that we cannucks have our fingers crossed as well.

Monica Roberts said...

We progressive voters feel the added pressure of knowing the entire planet is counting on us to get this election right.

We're pulling out all the stops, along with the Obama campaign to overcome the ignorance and get the best person elected for this job.

Marc said...

Ahh, McCain still had 2 years left; where's 2011 with the global thermonuclear war? Where's 2012 with the zombie hordes? No doomsday scenario is complete without roaming undead and nuclear holocausts.