Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bah, Humbug

Hey TransGriot readers!

Sorry I've been MIBA the last couple of days. Haven't felt much like writing. My mood has matched the crappy weather we've had around Da Ville lately. The sun's out today, but it's still colder than HRC's heart. One thing that did come out of it my self-imposed temporary exile was a short piece I'll be posting in the next few days.

Every now and then a writer hits the creative wall and you need to step back for a few days until the creative juices and your love for writing takes over again.

But what I've been experiencing the last few days was more than mere writer's block. It's that combined with the Christmas blues, lack of satisfying progress in the activist part of my life, a little non-activism related drama in my life, being out of hormones until next payday and homesickness. The weather didn't help either, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Saturday we had a half-inch of sleet and slush coating the roads in Da Ville, but fortunately the temperature didn't get below freezing and create a traffic nightmare.

I'd even cut off the TV and the computer off. It had me feeling like George Bailey in the classic Christmas movie It's A Wonderful Life.

No peeps, the only thing I'm gonna do on a bridge is drive my car to the other side of it and back. ;) I love myself too much to even comtemplate something like that, even if I am depressed from time to time.

It took me a few days, some prayer, talking to my homegirls, some chocolate chip muffins and two gallons of Blue Bell ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough and homemade vanilla, of course) and some creative writing for me to work things out. but the creative writing juices are starting to flow, I'm back to almost being the Phenomenal Transwoman and Christmas is only a week away.

Now that I'm feeling better, you'll see me posting on the regular again. But if anybody wants to send me any Christmas gifts, a round trip airline ticket to Houston will work.


Jackie said...

Look girl, you were missed. Yeah and I was gonna call you TODAY if you hadn't shown the heck up.

Of course you are allowed to step back and have some down time. It's actually good for you and your creative/activist self. And I know that snow and slush and holidays and OMG! Hormons play a part. It's all about being a woman, that's it. Glad you are back. Love you.

Monica Roberts said...

Thanks Jackie,
I'm feeling a lttle better today.

As regularly as I post I thought I needed to tell y'all something so you peeps wouldn't worry.