Friday, February 10, 2006

Coretta Scott King-My Comments

Coretta Scott King and Rule 19: What Was Behind Warren's Senate Spat
Like many people who revere and fight for freedom and social justice I was saddened by the January 31 death of Coretta Scott King. She has been one of my role models in terms of becoming the type of woman that I wish to be.

I've been amused by the whining coming from our conservative friends recently that the funeral was 'too political' and it wasn't an appropriate venue for criticizing George W. Bush.

Au contraire. How quickly y'all forgot about Ronald Reagan's funeral.

Dr. King and Coretta Scott King were POLITICAL people. Therefore, it is appropriate in terms of commenting on the totality of their lives to refer to political themes when making remarks to honor them. Rev. Joseph Lowery, President Clinton, Mayor Shirley Franklin, and President Carter were saying publicly things about Junior that many African-Americans say about him in conversations with each other. If that bothers you conservatives, too bad. Must hurt to realize that you peeps are on the wrong side of history yet again and it shows your utter lack of understanding of African-American culture and traditions. It is also arrogant and presumptuous of people who fought (and still are fighting) tooth and nail to derail America's progress toward fulfilling The Dream to tell us how to mourn the passing of the 'Queen of the Civil Rights movement.'

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I'm really getting sick of this conservative BS that there should be NO criticism of the president, when these SAME conservatives several years ago called President Clinton everything but a child of God. They even stooped as low as to attack their then-teenaged daughter Chelsea. If George got out amongst the 90% percent of African-Americans who DIDN'T vote for him in either election he'd hear those comments more often.

But back to Coretta Scott King. Talk about strong Black women. The definition for it should have her picture posted next to it. She simply oozed class, style, beauty and intelligence.

I wanna be just like her when I grow up.


Red Letter Rev said...

Hey, Dear,

Sticking my head up again. Oh, such a loving, gentle, REAL voice we lost. If there's one thing the righties can't abide, it's truth spoken in a quiet voice by one who will NOT be moved.

I remember as a child, asking my granddaddy why Dr King seemed to have so much trouble, always hounded my media, the government and the haters.

Granddaddy's answer was simple and to the point: "He's doing the right thing, child, and that's never easy." Granddaddy impressed that on me in many gentle ways, but it made me the man I am today.

True, some days, doing the right thing no matter the personal cost is the only thing to do. G'd didn't put us in this life to be lazy -- ain't nothin' for nothin'.

Hugs, love and respect!

Red Letter Rev said...

Oh, and another thing. We all need to go off on these @$$holes. Please. I wandered to the site in question by accident and I'm still shaking with fury and shock.