Wednesday, April 27, 2016

100 Days To Rio!

One of my fave sporting events for many reasons is the Olympic Games be it the summer or winter versions of it.   I'm definitely looking forward to the August 5 of the Rio Games this summer.

We are now 100 days from watching the opening ceremonies at Maracana Stadium, and the Olympic flame was lit on April 21 in Greece and is now making its way across Greece enroute to a handoff ceremony schedule to happen today in Athens.  

After the torch is handed off to the Brazilian organizers, it will head to IOC headquarters in Switzerland and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne before heading to Geneva and the UN Office there.

From there it will take flight to Brasilia, Brazil's capital where the torch rally will start on May 3 and hit 300 cities, all 26 Brazilian state capitals and the Brazilian Federal District before it gets to Rio de Janeiro on August 5 for the first ever Olympic Games held on the South American continent.

And can't wait to see who the Brazilians select to light the Olympic cauldron and what creative way they come up with to do so.

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