Wednesday, July 22, 2015

1996 Miss Major Letter- Affirmation!

Major: A new documentary film's photo.
The MAJOR documentary is a step closer to finally being finished, and you can check out the website or the film's Facebook page for updated news and other tantalizing tidbits from the upcoming documentary..

Here is a 1996 letter courtesy of StormMiguel Florez from Miss Major that she wrote for the first issue of the Knock Knock Times, a voice for & by the Tenderloin Transgender Community entitled Affirmation!

While some of the drama, storms, trials and travails we go through as 21st century trans people is nothing compared to what our trans elders endured and is nothing new, if we aren't careful, we will let that avalanche of negativity creep into our lives and rob us of our happiness and joy.  We must guard against that.  

As Miss Major reminds us in that letter, we are unique, wonderful and part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  

And now, here's some circa 1996 words of wisdom from one of our distinguished trans elders.


Dear Glamour Girls!
With all the negative attitudes and anti-us people in this world, we need to remember that WE ARE UNIQUE & WONDERFUL! We are the creative souls of humankind. Therefore, we must stand our ground and have all who come in contact with us realize we are worth loving. We are worth it all!

Love is wonderful, but it must be kept safe so that we will survive the wrath of the ignorant. With that in mind, you must constantly think positive, self-affirming thoughts. Re-affirm your precious existence all through your day with affirmations.

You can create them to fit your own special energy. You can feel pretty, like Maria in West Side Story without a man to tell you so ... because you ARE and you know it! Loving yourSelf helps you love someone else. So sing out loud: I FEEL PRETTY!

Stay focused on yourself, stay safe, and keep a positive attitude. We are worth it ALL!

Here are a few affirmations you might use:

*I am a radiant being, filled with light and love.
*I am master/mistress of my life.
*The more I love mySelf, the more love I have to give to others.
Well, my dear other-selves, I close with marvelous thoughts for you.

Love, respectfully,

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