Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Not Feeling This Transphobic Country

Today is the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence that is considered the birthday of the United States.

But I'm not feeling particularly patriotic on this Fourth of July 2018.   I'm not feeling love for a country that gleefully hates on me and my trans community just for unapologetically existing. 

It also hates on me for being unapologetically Black and female.

I'm also not feeling love for a country that has an administration that with the help of longtime haters like the Family Research Council, the TERF's and white conservative evilgelicals are goading the Trump misadministration into rescinding the Obama era trans friendly policies and replacing them with trans oppressive ones. 

There's also the people who claim they support trans people, but are silent about the injustice being aimed at transgender people.

The worst people are the clueless or self hating trans people whose whiteness was more important than ensuring that our community wouldn't be oppressed, and sold us out by voting for Trump.

FYI, your white skin will not protect you from the trans oppression being visited upon us by the Trump misadministration

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Trans people are Americans too, whose human rights are covered under the Constitution  Those inalienable rights didn't disappear when we transitioned, and anyone who thinks they do is one of the domestic enemies to the country we were warned about.

So nope, not feeling this transphobic country on this 4th of July.

On this Independence Day I am going to redouble my efforts to ensure that the human rights for trans Americans are respected and protected.  Our trans kids are counting on us trans adults to do precisely that, and I'm not going to disappoint them.

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Yes, right now our Republican led federal government is a worldwide embarrassment and disgrace.

But this November, we have an opportunity to change that.   And we need to seize that opportunity to vote the oppressors out.

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