Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Moni's Trans People I'd Love To Meet Bucket List

I've been an activist in our community for nearly 20 years (18 to be precise), and it amazes me at times when I have people approach me at conventions and treat me with the same awe I had for our trailblazing leaders at the 1998 time when I was a rookie activist.

Which is why I always post before those trans specific and other events I'm planning to attend, "Don't be shy, say hi!"   It's important for me to meet as I call them my constituents and hear their thoughts about whatever issues of the day are cropping up.   I also learn things from those intergenerational and intersectional conversations that make me a better activist.

While I have been blessed, pleased and honored to meet and have met many people inside and outside our community during my 18 years of activism on behalf of our community, I get just as much of a kick out of meeting many of you as you do when my statuesque self is in the house.

And believe it or not, there are folks that I have been friends with for years on Facebook, or talked to on the phone on a regular basis, but we still haven't met face to face inside and outside of Texas. There are also people that are icons in Trans World that I admire and I'll be reduced to blubbering fangirl in their presence if and when that meeting does happen..

There are trans teens I would love to meet and tell them personally how their fights that gained attention for various reasons and their historic breakthroughs inspire me to keep fighting to make a better world for them.

That list includes international trans folks I would love to meet and sit down in a quiet space and have a conversation with like Audrey Mbugua, Dindi Tan, Naomi Fontanos, Ashily Dior, Miss SaHHara, Paris Lees, Kim Petras, Zoe Brain and legislators like Tamara Adrian and  Geraldine Roman   I figure if I put those thoughts out there and speak them into existence, maybe it'll happen faster for me

So who are those trans folks you ask?   Keep reading.  I'd also love to meet or models like Hari Nef, Arisce Wanzer and Andreja Pejic.

So who are the folks I haven't met but would love to do so?   Let's me start with my fellow Taurus and queen of vogue  Leiomy Maldonado.  My fellow Texan video blogger Nicole Ramos is on my want to meet list along with Carla Lewis, Channyn Parker, Our Lady J, Breanna Sinclaire,Chris Mosier, Evelyn Rios, Shane Ortega and Logan and Laila Ireland,

I'd also like to meet Sidney Starr and Amiyah Scott and hear some of the interesting stories they have to tel along with my pageant sisters, and Jessica taylor because of the trans people in the airline industry connection.

Some of the trans icons I'd love to meet ar Caroline Cossey, Aleshia Brevard, Alexandra Billings, Lauren Foster, April Ashley, Georgina Beyer  and Dr. Ben Barres to thank them for paving the way and being the trailblazers in various fields they are.   I'd also like to meet our next generation trans kids like Deija Trantham, Kendra Heathscott, Capri Culpepper,

And there's also many of the peeps on my Facebook page.

Whether it happens for me next week, next month or next year. just hope it happens sooner and not later.

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