Monday, March 19, 2018

What Is A Democrat?

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I'm sick of the Green Tea Party far left labeling anyone they don't like, especially women and people of color as 'corporate Democrats.' I also noticed that that label gets applied to any Democrat who the far left thinks is a possible candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination like Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren...

You get my drift. .Note to you peeps, the 2020 Democratic Party primary voters will determine who will be that nominee, and many of those Democratic Party primary voters look like me.

So what is a Corporate Dem? Seems like the definition of a 'Corporate Dem' is anyone who doesn't walk in lock step with non-Democrat Bernie Sanders or who doesn't pass their vanillacentric privileged goalpost shifting standards of a purity test.

Those 'purity tests' didn't work in 2016, and they damned sure didn't work in 2000 either. All your far left Green Tea Party purity tests have done is to get the worst possible Republicans elected and saddle us with a radical conservative SCOTUS because in large part you have an irrational hatred of the Democratic Party that we and the country don't have time for. First things first, we need to have a laser beam focus on the 2018 midterm elections. So what is a Democrat? Here's my thoughts concerning what a Democrat is and not the RussiaLeaks or Republican version of one is.

To me, to be a Democrat is to be someone who is in favor of human rights protection for all. It means you care about the social safety net and wish to defend and improve it. It means you care about the environment.. It means that you will fight to the death to defend Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. and eventually universal single payer health care.

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It means you fight for public education.and making it easier for people to afford a college education without breaking their family's bank accounts or putting the college grad in debt for the next 20-20 years It means fighting for science and scientific research to get the tax dollars it deserves and our school systems go back to teaching critical thinking skills and not test taking .

Being a Democrat also means you fight tooth and nail to protect the right to vote and a woman's right to choose. It means that you respect freedom of religion, and people's choice to be free from having religious beliefs at all.

It means that you are in favor of reasonable gun regulations. It means fighting for a justice system that lives up to its name. It means making our federal, state and local governments, the people who work in them and the folks in our judicial system look like America

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It means you fight for working class people, not the 1%. It means fighting for a fair tax system in which corporations doing business in the United States and those who can pay more pay their fair share in taxes. It means being about creating jobs at a livable wage with regular increases in the minimum wage based on inflation, and relentlessly fighting for a strong union movement.
It means investing in infrastructure, be it our transportation networks, internet communications networks or our technological expertise in space.
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It means that we Democrats serve with the highest ethical standards because character matters. It means,because believe in a government of, by and for the people, we want government to work. We should as Democrats when we have control of the government find the most qualified people to run their agencies It means that when we create governmental policy that is going to impact people's lives, we do so with facts. It means we Democrats use logic and reason based policies to make government work efficiently and better for all people

Finally, being a Democrat means that we don't fear the future, we look forward to it and plan ahead so that our kids and grandkids inherit a better world
That in my eyes, is what a Democrat is.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My Thoughts On The Houston GLBT Caucus-Baptist Ministers Assn. Initiative

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People are weighing in on the what WAS a quiet effort to talk to the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity and the GLBT Caucus.

As one of the people considered a major unapologetically Black trans leader in the Houston, Texas and national TBLGQ community, I have also been asked my thoughts about this from multiple people including political candidates, members of the Caucus, and other thought leaders.

So here's what I have to say about it

You know from perusing this blog that I not only have been a vocal critic of the Baptist Ministers Assn, I was not in 2014-15 happy with them colluding with the Harris County GOP and our longtime assorted haters in Dave Welch, Dave Wilson and Steven Hotze.

Voices and Bibles are raised Tuesday after a the mayor announced a compromise to her proposed nondiscrimination ordinance.And Moni STILL isn't happy with them and the rampant miseducation about the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance they helped grease the skids for that was critical in how it was framed and why it was rejected in the Houston Black community . 

But I also have been just as critical about the piss poor effort of Houston Unites and their Prop 8 2.0 campaign that spectacularly failed to educate about and defend the much needed ordinance in my community in large part because of the failure to listen to Houston Black TBLGQ leaders.

In order for us to pass and successfully defend a HERO 2.0 ordinance, you not only need to listen to Houston Black TBLGQ leaders, we are going to have to deal with the Baptist Ministers Assn and also the just as odious to me COGIC PAC. 

I also have some ideas about what else needs to happen, but it's going to cost you to hear what they are.  Y'all in the market for hiring experienced Black trans leaders, equality orgs?  It's kinda obvious we're needed and necessary to advance equity in this human rights movement, and not just equality.

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We cannot allow Houston Black voters to ever again be hoodwinked and bamboozled into voting against a local human rights law that protects them in the Bayou City.   Neither can we tolerate sellout Black folks who collude with the Harris County and Texas Republican Party and white fundamentalists to make that miseducation happen.

It is past time for a 'Come to Jesus' Houston Black community meeting with those groups.  This is a family conversation that Houston Black trans, bi and SGL leaders need to facilitate because we need to and KNOW HOW to talk to our people. 

And as a member of Black Lives Matter HOU, I'm confident that we can successfully along with POC Caucus leaders and other Houston Black community leaders have that conversation.  Both groups are coming to the table with the common points of our Blackness and being sick of the narrative we are 'more homophobic and transphobic' than the white folks who draw high five figure paychecks working in anti-TBLGQ orgs , the white fundies ministers that get their jollies hating us, and support a Republican Party dedicated to oppressing us. 

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Just before the January 2018 Caucus meeting, Mike Webb pulled me aside and asked if they could talk to me about an initiative that was being worked on.  I now know because of the drama this was the initiative they were talking about. 

I'm also not happy about the conclusion jumps being made in the article that the trans community is 'being thrown under the bus' and that Houston Black SGL leaders expressing their opinions about this situation informed by their Blackness and political knowledge of our Houston Black community and the players in it is 'cisplaining'.

Really?   Don't even insult my intelligence with that BS. 

This initiative is a Houston Black family conversation that once again, we need to and must have.  That means Houston white TBLGQ community, y'all are going to have to sit on the sidelines for this one until if and when we call for you.

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It is an initiative that I definitely agree needs to have Houston Black trans representation at the table since we were the people attacked by the inflammatory anti-trans rhetoric.  Because of that anti-trans hate speech, Black trans people have undeniably taken the brunt of the anti-trans violence uptick that resulted from that 2015 campaign, the GOP efforts to pass anti- trans 'bathroom bills'  and the anti-trans rhetoric surrounding the failed dual attempts to pass SB 6.

So would I talk to a group that as you know I'm seriously pissed off at?  I sure would.   I definitely wouldn't mind talking to Max Miller, FN Williams and whoever else is leading the Baptist Ministers Assn of Houston and Vicinity as long as that apology to the trans community happens

The ministers need to know from a living breathing Houston Black trans person we not only exist, that their collusion with our longtime enemies was hurtful to Houston's trans community.

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The Black ministerial collusion was harmful specifically to the Houston Black trans contingent of it, and the Baptist Ministers Assn of Houston and Vicinity need to as a starting point publicly apologize to us for their reprehensible actions to the Houston Black trans community.

And the Houston Black TBLGQ community will have a major say in how and what that looks like.

Shut Up Fool; Awards- Go TSU Tigers Edition

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My alma mater isn't the only Houston collegiate team repping our city in this year's NCAA men's basketball playoffs./

For the fourth time in five season the texas Southern University Tigers are also in the Big Dance, and even better finally earned their first ever tournament win with a 64-46 victory against NC Central.

That earned them a spot to play against number one seed Xavier later tonight.   The experts may be picking Xavier, but don't sleep on this TSU team since their coach, Mike Davis, coached Indiana to the 2002 Final Four while at Indiana 

Good luck TSU!

Now let's move on to this week's usual Friday business in calling out fools

Honorable mention number one is (Mis) Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, for proving once again that Trump hires the worst people.

Honorable mention number two is Dana Loesch.   Ammosexual Barbie has gotten her azz handed to her by the Parkland kids, Black Lives Matter, CNN and now singer Neil Young.

Honorable mention number three is Dr Stacey Patton.   She stepped to me in a Twitter private message upset because i'd called her out on her transphobia

Hey if you don't want me calling you out on your transphobia, the cure is simple: don't be a fracking transphobe

Honorable mention number four iis one for defeated Bexar County DA Nico LaHood, who is upset because Lauryn Farris called him out at Tuesday's press conference for screwing up the case that allowed Keen McFadden's admitted killer to go free.

Naw Nico, don't get mad because you screwed up and the San Antonio trans community is calling you out about it..

Honorable mention number five is to now former Maine House candidate Leslie Gibson.  The Republican (what else?) dropped out of the race after referring to Parkland, FL shooting survivor Emma Gonzales as a 'skinhead lesbian'.

She identifies as bisexual you conservaidiot

Good riddance.

Image result for OJ simpsonThis week's Shut Up Fool loser winner is OJ Simpson   The Juice let his mouth run loose instead of shutting it in his first interview since he was sprung from a Nevada jail.

He threw his two cents in about Colin Kaepernick in  recent interview, saying "I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag"

Dude, you're the last person that needs to be talking about 'bad choices' since you are alleged to have killed two people and gotten away with it.

So keep Colin Kaepernick's name out your mouth since he's done more for Black people than you did in your entire career.

And oh yeah, shut up fool!

Moni's 2018 NCAA Women's B-Ball Bracket

NCAA Womens Basketball Championship Tickets
Since it's Women's History Month, I also show love to the women's NCAA ballers and do a bracket for their tournament as well.  Since 2008 I've done a bracket for the NCAA women's tournament, and had much better results (6-4) thanks in large part to UConn's sustained excellence.

These are my 20092010201120122013 , 20142015 TransGriot NCAA women's tournament   In 2016 I only got one of the Women's Final Four teams correct, but it was the right one in the eventual national champion UConn Huskies.

In 2015 I correctly predicted the NCAA women's title game, 
and I've also correctly picked all four women's NCAA Final Four teams in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2015.

Last year I got half of the 2017 NCAA women's championship game correct.   Like everyone else that watches women's collegiate basketball I was not anticipating UConn going down in the semis to an on a roll Mississippi State team and picked UConn over eventual surprise champ South Carolina.

So who will be cutting down the championship nets in Columbus?   Good question.   Time to answer who I think it will be. 

Albany Regional
First Round
UConn, Miami (FL), Duke, Georgia, South Florida, Florida State, California, South Carolina

Second Round
UConn,  Duke, Florida State, South Carolina

Sweet 16
UConn, South Carolina

Albany Regional Champion

Kansas City Regional
First Round
Mississippi State, Syracuse, Maryland, NC State, Iowa, UCLA, Arizona State, Texas

Second Round
Mississippi State, Maryland, UCLA, Texas

Sweet 16
Mississippi State, Texas

Kansas City Regional Champ
Mississippi State 

Lexington Regional
First Round
Louisville, Marquette , Missouri, Stanford, Oregon State, Tennessee, Michigan State, Baylor

Second Round
Louisville, Stanford, Tennessee, Baylor

Sweet 16
Louisville, Baylor

Lexington Regional Champion

Spokane Regional
First Round
Notre Dame, Villanova, DePaul, Texas A&M, LSU, Ohio State,  Minnesota, Oregon

Second Round
Notre Dame, Texas A&M, LSU, Oregon

Sweet 16
Notre Dame, LSU

Spokane Regional Champion
Notre Dame

Final Four
UConn, Mississippi State, Louisville, Notre Dame

Championship Game
UConn,  Louisville

Image result for uconn women's basketball
2018 NCAA Women's Champion

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Moni's 2018 NCAA Men's B-Ball Bracket

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It's that time of year again, and once again as I've done since 2007, I'm posting a NCAA men's tournament bracket for y'all to peruse and pick apart.   2015 has been the only year I didn't do a bracket, frankly because that year I was too busy to properly do it.

And for the first time since 2010, I finally get to see my alma mater play in the Big Dance, and it may not be a one and done appearance either.

UH lost in the AAC title game 56-55 (boo hiss) to Cincinnati, but doesn't take away the fact they have had one of their best seasons since I was walking the campus and Phi S;lama Jama was slam dunking their way to three straight NCAA finals appearances

The last time the UH Cougars won an NCAA tournament game was in that 1984 Final Four in the Kingdome against Virginia, so we're way overdue for a tournament win.

This year's Final Four, thanks to SB 6 being killed twice (you're welcome) is in San Antonio. 
And yes Texas conservafools, it's more evidence of the Lone Star State getting nice things when we don't pass unjust legislation.

I got the NCAA Men's Champion right last year, and that evens my all time record to 5-5.

Here's the previous NCAA men's brackets for 2008200920102011201220132014 , 2016 and 2017 

And now, my 2018 NCAA men's bracket

First Four Games
Radford, UCLA, Texas Southern, Syracuse 

South Regional 
First Round 
Virginia, Kansas State, Kentucky, Arizona, Miami (FL), Tennessee, Nevada, Cincinnati  

Second Round
Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Cincinnati

Sweet 16
Virginia, Cincinnati 

South Regional Champion

West Regional
First Round
Xavier, Missouri, Ohio State, Gonzaga, Houston , Michigan, Texas A&M, North Carolina

Second Round
Xavier, Gonzaga, Houston, North Carolina

Sweet 16
Xabier, North Carolina

West Regional Champ
North Carolina 

East Regional
First Round
Villanova, Alabama, West Virginia, Wichita State, Florida, Texas tech, Arkansas, Purdue

Second Round
Villanova, Wichita State, Florida, Purdue

Sweet 16
Villanova, Purdue

East Regional Champ

Midwest Regional 
First  Round
Kansas, Seton Hall, Clemson, Auburn, TCU, Michigan State, Rhode Island, Duke

Second Round
Kansas, Auburn, Michigan State, Duke

Sweet 16
Auburn, Duke

Midwest Regional Champ

Final Four
Virginia, North Carolina, Purdue, Duke

Championship Game
North Carolina, Duke

Image result for North Carolina 2018 basketball20
2018 NCAA Champion
North Carolina 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Moni's Getting On The Bus To- San Antonio

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Didn't realize until i was asked by SAGA and TENT to come to the Alamo City for their Justice for Kenne rally tomorrow that it had been nearly five years since I last spent time in Bexar County.

The last time I was there was to speak at a TDOR back in November 2013, and got to spend some quality time not only with Lauryn Farris, but also Rev. Carmarion Anderson as well. 

Once again it's for activism, but it will be nice to see some folks while I'm there calling crap out. 

See you in a few hours San Antonio. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Justice For Kenne McFadden Rally and March Tuesday

Kenne McFadden was murdered while we were fighting to kill the unjust SB 6 bill.   Her body was found on April 9 by a barge operator on San Antonio's famed River Walk.

Her lifeless body was found floating in the San Antonio River near East Commerce and St Mary's Streets and was the 12th murder of a trans person in 2017.   The alleged killer, 20 year old Mark Daniel Lewis was arrested for McFadden's murder while he was in the Bexar County jail for another crime and indicted by a grand jury in November on manslaughter.

Image result for Mark Daniel lewis
Lewis pushed McFadden, who was intoxicated at the time and a non swimmer, into the San Antonio River and refused to help her as she drowned.

Image result for Nico LaHood
The Bexar County DA Nico LaHood, for some unknown reason reason decided to present this evidence during a probation hearing for Lewis in an attempt to revoke his probation for failing to register as a sex offender.

187th state District Court Judge Joey Contreras heads to a runoff. Photo: Marvin Pfeiffer /San Antonio Express-News / Express-News 2017
On March 8, State District Judge Joey Contreras (R) a Gov Greg Abbott appointee to the 187th Criminal District Court ruled that Lewis pushing her into the river didn't rise to the level of criminal conduct.

Unfortunately, the probation hearing became a defacto trial, and once the judge made his ruling, Lewis couldn't be tried for her murder because of double jeopardy laws.

Fortunately for us in the Lone Star State, this is an election year, so Judge Contreras and DA LaHood have to face the voters.

FYI gentlemen, trans people and our allies vote     Judge Contreras is in a GOP runoff for his seat that will take place on May 22.   LaHood has already been punished at the polls.  He went down to defeat in the March 6 Democratic primary after just one controversial term in office.. 

In addition to LaHood having a contentious relationship with the San Antonio press corps, he'd made controversial anti-Islamic comments, stating the loud and wrong claim that vaccines cause autism, and threatened to destroy an attorney's career.

The result in this botched case has incensed the San Antonio trans community, and they are organizing a Justice for Kenne rally and protest on Tuesday.   The groups involved in coordinating the protest are the Trans Education Network of Texas (TENT), the San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA) and the Pride Center San Antonio.

There will be a press conference in front of Bexar County DA Nico LaHood's office at noon Tuesday, wirth the rally and march taking place at Crockett Park starting at 6PM 

And yes, I've been asked to speak at that rally, so see you Alamo City peeps Tuesday.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Already? Time To Spring Forward 2018!

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It's that time again! (pun intended)    This is your friendly TransGriot reminder to unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, have to move those clocks forward one hour at 2 AM.

If you're a Republican, time to move your clock forward 100 years.

It's time to lost that hour of sleep and move to Daylight Savings Time.   You get that hour of sleep you lost back on November 4, two day before the 2018 midterm elections.

So once again, time to spring forward!    If you don't, you'll be an hour early for everything you do tomorrow. 

Friday, March 09, 2018

Shut Up Fool Awards- Go Coogs Edition

As many of you longtime TransGriot readers are aware of, I'm a proud UH Cougar, and have been paying attention to the men's UH ballers having their best season since the Phi Slama Jama era.

They are ranked in both polls for the first time since 1984,  have knocked off two Top 5 squads in AAC conference opponents Cincinnati and Wichita State and went unbeaten at home for the first time since the 1983 season. They are also poised to break that NCAA tournament drought (last appearance 2010) with a projected 6 seed .   

But first order of business is to get through the AAC tournament in Orlando.  Go Coogs!

Speaking of business, time for me to get to my usual Friday business of gleefully calling out fools.

honorable mention number one is Secretary of (mis)Education Betsy DeVos, who got called out by the MSD students for her publicity stunt visit to the Parkland, FL campus, and got called out bu teachers unions for her jacked up powerpoint presentation attacking public schools. an

Honorable mention number two is RuPaul.   RudePaul once again made some transphobic comments, then botched the apology by posting a non trans pride flag on it.

Honorable mention number three is a joint award for Robert Jeffress who continue to prove the point why white fundamentalism is bankrupt as the continue to make excuses for Donald Trump's reprehensible and KKKristian behavior.

Honorable mention number four is Sarah Suckabee Huckabee Sanders, who couldn't keep her lies straight at a recent White House press conference and just exposed her boss and prolonged the Stormy Daniels affair story in the press


Honorable mention number five goes to the NRA, for Dana Loesch going on an apocalyptic rant on NRA-TV about 'time being up' for liberals, Black athletes, Hollywood, the media, and the Parkland FL student gun control advocates.

honorable mention number six is Stacey Dash, who went on MSNBC and made herself look clueless by claiming that Trump was right about Charlottesville.

Naw Dana, we're done with your white supremacist terror organization buying Republican legislators and stopping the gun control legislation we need.

Image result for Rick perryThis week's Shut Up Fool is my former governor and now Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who parted his lips and let something stupid come out of it again.

Perry said that moving poor nations away from fossil fuels and switching to renewable energy is 'immoral'.

Naw you idiot, NOT moving to renewable energy and away from fossil fuels when the evidence is undeniable they are affecting the climate of this planet is immoral and straight up stupid. 

Rick Perry, shut the hell up fool! .

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Happy International Women's Day 2018!

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It hit me while I was on this road trip to Austin admiring the blooming bluebonnets along TX 71 that today I International Women's Day!

So I definitely wanted to take a moment while I'm chilling in Travis County for a minute to say Happy International Women's day to all my sisters cis and trans.

It's an interesting one so far.   We have more women stepping up to run for office in this 2018 cycle.  We just had a March For Black Women here in Houston that had 2000 people in attendance.

But International Women's Day sometimes brings mixed emotions for those of us in TransWorld.  Our femininity gets feminized by friend, for and frenemy, so it leaves us trans women feeling at times that we're not part of Team Woman or what this day is meant to celebrate. 

Yes, you are, because trans women ARE women, and we have and will continue to do our part to help uplift women everywhere and build sisterhood in our ranks .

Happy International Women's Day!

Finn Jones Makes Texas Trans Political History

Image result for finnigan jones texas
As many of you are aware of, the Texas primary elections were held on Tuesday night.   In addition to seeing who won, who lost, who made it to the May 22 runoff elections and who advanced to the November 6 general elections, some Texas trans political history was made. 

Finnigan  'Finn'  Jones is running for the Texas House 94 seat in North Texas.   Because Jones didn't have an opponent in the Democratic primary, once the voting started, Jones became the first out trans masculine Texan to win a party primary race, and the first to do so for a Texas legislative seat.

Jones said this on his FB page when I pointed out the history he'd just made.

"Wow!!! I honestly had not even thought about that. As I pointed out to her (TransGriot),  I am running for all of us. We have a right to have a voice at the table and be heard. Not just on lgbtq Rights, but on health care, public education, teacher retirement, discrimination in all forms and so much more,." he wrote. 
"I am proud to be that voice and that ear for the community. I will always listen and I will always learn and progress forward. Our citizens deserve that much from their elected officials."
Yes, we do.

Image result
Hs opponent in the general election will be the incumbent state rep Tony Tinderholt.(R-Arlington) who is considered the fourth most conservative member of the Texas Legislature, is a member of the Texas Freedom Caucus and as you probably guessed, is not a friend of our community.

Finn is going to have his work cut out for him if he is going to make the history of becoming the first trans Texan elected to our state legislature. 

But as the old saying goes, you have to be in it to win it, and Finn has cleared the first hurdle to make that happen by getting the Democratic Party nomination.

Here's hoping he makes even more history on November 6.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

It's TX Primary Election Day!

It's Texas Primary Election Day!    Unlike early voting where you can go to any early voting center, today you'll have to go to your precinct, and you'll have to get there before 7 PM.

The polls opened a few hours ago at 7 AM.   If you're in line when the polls close at 7 PM, stay in line.   They cannot close the location until all persons in line have voted.

Image result for texas primary election 2018
This is the first step to choosing candidates for the general election for governor, lieutenant governor, the state legislature, state judicial seats, and county offices. that happens in November in both the Democratic and Republican Parties.   

If you don't get 51% of the ballots cast in your race, you move on to a runoff election that will take place on May 22.

If you aren't registered to vote, now would be a good time to do that so you can help choose who will be on the ballot this November 6..  The deadline to be registered to vote for the runoff elections is April 5.

Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to the next level of public service and who have offered to run for office.   You are exceptional people just for doing so, and may your runs for office be successful ones.

If they aren't, better luck next time.   Hope you learned some things that will help you if you decided to run again that will help you turn this defeat into political victory the next time.

Good luck everyone and we'll see what transpires in the next several hours.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Trans Peeps Rocked The 2018 Oscars

Image result for Janet Mock Oscars
Despite being in a moment in this country in which the humanity and human rights of trans people are under attack by the Trump Misadministration and their white fundie allies, the opposite is happening in Hollywood as trans people become a more visible and active part of the motion picture industry

Trans excellence was on display during last night's Oscars, with Janet Mock and actress Daniela Vega rocking the Oscar red carpets to kick the night off and us waiting to see in trans director Yance Ford's name would be called to collect his first Oscar.

Image result for Daniela Vega Oscars
Vega would also make history as the first ever openly trans presenter during the Oscars main ceremony.  She introduced Sufjan Stevens, whose song 'Mystery of Love' for the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack was nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar.

Image result for A Fantastic Woman
She would later in the evening join her castmates on stage as the movie she was the lead actress in, A Fantastic Woman, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film.

That made her the first openly trans actress to play a trans character in an Oscar winning film.

So yeah Hollywood, your not so subtle hint to not only hire trans actors and actresses for trans roles, but consider letting them have an opportunity to play cisgender characters as well

Attention then turned on this night to trans masculine director Yance Ford to see if he would make more trans Oscar history on a night that was turning into an amazing one for transkind. .

Image result for Yance Ford  Oscars
He had already made Oscar history back in January when he became the first openly  transgender director to be nominated for an Oscar.

Ford already had four previous documentaries under his belt, but his fifth one Strong Island, was up for the Best Documentary nomination

Image result for Oscar statuetteUnfortunately it was not to be his night, as the documentary Icarus got the Oscar in Ford's category..

I have no doubt we will see this gifted filmmaker again on a Oscar stage, and hopefully it will be to make an acceptance speech as he gets to hold that stateutee in his hands

But it sure would have been nice to see #BlackTransExcellence rewarded last night

Congrats to Daniela and Yance for making history and repping our community well.  It was also nice to see my sis Janet ripping the red carpet to shreds.

Will be interesting to see what transpires at next year's Oscars.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

The 2018 SUF Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Are:

Image result for mr t in a suit
TransGriot readers, this is the moment you've all been waiting for in breathless anticipation.

It's time to announce who made it into the Class of 2018 for the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards    I have been giving these out since 2010, and it has gone from one inductee to five and now ten.

I have been on Oscar Night handing out an SUF Lifetime Achievement award to the person, persons or group of people who have just made it their mission in life to show the world just how stupid, clueless and arrogantly ignorant they are.

The previous year's inductees you can peruse here.

And now, let's get to it..  The envelope, please"

The Class of 2018 for the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards

Mitch McConnell
Jeff Sessions
TX state Senator Lois Kolkhorst
Maine Gov Paul LePage
Alex Jones

Steve Doocy
Tomi Lahren
Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX )
TX State Rep. Jonathan Stickland
Diamond and Silk

You'll Have To Wait Until Tuesday To Vote In The Texas Primary

The Early Voting period is now over for the Texas primary elections , but if you missed the opportunity to cast your vote during that period, you have a final opportunity to make your voice heard and weigh in on who should be on the general election ballot on March 6, which is primary  Election Day.

And Texas Democrats are feeling giddy as that day approaches.  There were according to the Texas Secretary of State's office 885, 574 Texans in the Lone Star State's 15 largest counties who participated in early voting  either by mail or in person.   That smashed the record for a non presidential election cycle.

The increase in Democratic turnout is fueling hopes that this may translate to a blue Democratic wave of voting in November.   

That new participation record was powered largely by a huge surge in Democratic voters, who doubled their participation numbers from the dismal 2014 cycle.   465,245 Democrats had voted during the early voting phase vs just 420, 329 Republicans.   Republican turnout was up 15%, but was dwarfed by the 50% increase of Democrats.

The early voting numbers would probably be even higher if the Republicans hadn't cut out the last weekend of early voting before Election Day.

Image result for 2018 Yellow Texas voter registration cardHere's are my TransGriot endorsements to help you out along with the endorsements of other organizations like the Houston GLBT Caucus,  to help you cast an informed Democratic primary vote. 

I'm not a fan of the Republican Party in large part because of the rabod transphobia, anti-woman attitudes and anti-Blackness , and that's why I don't do endorsements for GOP candidates.

These elections will determine who is on the ballot for you to vote for this fall.  so go handle your business.   Make sure you have the YELLOW texas voter registration card with you along with some ID when you go to your regular precinct location to cast your ballot

Polls open at 7 AM and close at 7 PM    If you are in line at 7 PM to vote, DO NOT get out of line. The polling place must stay open until all persons in line have cast their ballots.

Good luck to all my endorsed candidates, and hope you make it to the November ballot.


Saturday, March 03, 2018

Moni's March For Black Women Speech

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TransGriot Note: The text of my speech I'm delivering for the March For Black Women here in Houston.  

To my beautiful Black sisters cis and trans, Kandice Webber, Nisha Randle our allies and accomplices, supporters and friends,   I am pleased, proud and honored that my unapologetic Black trans feminine self was invited to be here and say a few words to you on this historic day.

I find it so apropos to be standing here today in solidarity with my sisters on the hallowed soil of Emancipation Park because this place has enormous historical significance for Black Houstonians.  The ten acres of land you are standing on was bought in 1872 by a group of our ancestors organized by the Rev. Jack Yates in the wake of our emancipation from bondage and to hold our Juneteenth celebrations. .For decades it was the only park Black Houstonians could go to because of Jim Crow segregation.    As a child I watched along with my late grandmother Tama Juneteenth parades come down Emancipation Avenue and terminate at this spot before it became a state holiday.

And in this 21st Century moment, I can't think of a better place for this inaugural March For Black Women to be taking place than on these grounds.   I also can't think of a more appropriate place to announce that on March 6 and in a few short months, we will begin the process of emancipating ourselves from the bondage of Republican tyranny in Texas and beyond.

That emancipation from Republican bondage is going to happen if those of you assembled here and within the sound of my voice do two simple things.  One of them is to vote on March 6 and November 6 as if your life and your democracy depends on it, because frankly, that's where we are right now as a country. 

The second, and most important thing to do is TRUST BLACK WOMEN to lead you to that electoral promised land and in all the fights to come.

Trusting Black women to lead also includes without exception trusting Black trans women.

As Lucy Hick Anderson said several decades ago, "I defy any doctor in the world to prove that I am not a woman.  I have lived, dressed, acted just what I am, a woman.” And yes, Black trans women , despite all the anti-trans rhetoric being spouted by various faux faith based haters and the Republican Party, ARE Black women. 

Black trans women are ready, willing and able to do our parts to uplift ourselves and the Black community.   But were frustrated as hell because the community at large is ignoring our suffering.  We have Black legacy organizations that haven't uttered one syllable about the ongoing slaughter of Black trans women occuring at a near genocidal rate, and we are distress about our legacy organizations and Black church folk being silent in the face of white fundamentalists, the Trump misadministration and the Republican Party attacking our very humanity and human rights. 

You trans siblings are also angry over the fact that some of our skinfolk are gleefully colluding with white fundamentalists , trans exclusionary radical feminists  sellout pastors and the GOP to demonize us, and that reprehensible behavior needs to end today.

Let me say this loud and clear, and I want you to commit this to memory.   Black trans women are women.  Black trans men are men, and Black trans people are Black people.

Saying that is the first step for the Black cisgender community recognizing beyond as shadow of a doubt that Black transgender people are Black people who are part of the kente cloth fabric of the Black community.

Diana Ross once said in a 1989 ESSENCE magazine interview, "I never considered it a disadvantage to be a Black woman.  I never wanted to be anything else.  We have brains. We are beautiful.  We can do anything we set our minds to"

And what we Black women as a group need to set our minds to do is come to the realization that Black trans women are not your enemy, my Black cis sisters. 

Black trans women, it is also past time for you to stop giving your Black cis sisters the side eye and treating them as if they are our enemy.  They aren't..  It isn't Black women who have been gleefully colluding with the GOP to mess with your human rights. it was a far too long list of folks who didn't look like us in the persons of Janice Raymond, Germaine Greer and other TERF's. 

It wasn't a Black woman who wrote SB 6 or other anti-trans Texas legislation.  What I saw in my multiple trips to Austin last year were Black women legislators like Senfronia Thompson calling it out and helping to kill the unjust SB 6.

It was the Lone Star dynamic oppressor duo of Lois Kolkhorst and Joan Huffman,  Kolkhorst authored it, and Huffman shoved it through her senate committee.  Both of them need to be punished at the polls for it along with the man who egged them on in Potty Dan Patrick.

However, a note to Chimamanda Adichie, Stacey Patton and anyone else in the Black feminine ranks cosigning their transphobia, we will not tolerate and will swiftly call out anti-trans rhetoric coming from you or any Black cis woman.  We don't need that TERF crap in our ranks because we have more important societal fish to fry.

Black trans people, Black trans kids and Black trans women exist.   Being trans isn't 'just a white thang', and we aren't going away or going back in the closet as evidenced by those of us showing us and standing here in solidarity with you here today in Emancipation Park.

From this day forward, we want and need our cis sisters standing in solidarity with us, and we want to be standing in solidarity with you our cis sisters.

We know who our enemy is, and it isn't our cis Black sisters.  We are fighting the same demonization and denigration of Black womanhood you are.   We are dealing with the same anti-Blackness you fight against.  We are fighting the same issues of living in an America hostile to Black people and Black feminine bodies you are fighting in addition to having to deal with transphobic ignorance inside and outside our shared community/   We want to work with you in sisterhood to eradicate it. 

But the non negotiable price of us offering that help is unconditional acceptance of who we are as Black trans people.   It's past time for cis and trans Black women to have those tough ongoing conversations that will lead to us building sisterhood so we can focus on the larger, more important  tasks ahead.

And by doing that you may get an amazing friend in the process.

It's nation time people.  Houston, Texas, America and our people are depending on us to as usual, save this country and this state from itself, provide the visionary leadership necessary to liberate our people and to paraphrase Barbara Jordan bring about a Texas and America better than its promise. .

Let's get to work making it happen.

Friday, March 02, 2018

The Miss International Queen Pageant STILL Has An Anti-Blackness Problem

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"I said this on the MIQ FB page and I will repeat it   If the Miss International Queen Pageant is going to claim it's an international trans pageant and wants to have ANY international credibility in the trans pageant world as a fair pageant, from this point forward it is imperative that an international panel of judges be assembled to determine the winner and make sure that any Thai judges that are part of the panel have no ties to Tiffany's show or are severely limited."-TransGriot, November 4, 2011 

Another edition of the Miss International Queen Pageant has kicked off in the Thai resort city of Pattaya and I predict that when the pageant has concluded on March 9 Thai time, a trans girl with dark skin will NOT be the winner of it.

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Since the pageant started in 2004. no trans woman with African heritage or dark skin has won this pageant. 

The few times this has come close to happening or an African descended trans women has even placed in the MIQ event top three was in 2010, when the USA's Stasha Sanchez finished as the second runner up, 2011 when Miss SaHHara repping Nigeria finished as the first runner up (and should have won it), and in 2015 when Brazil's Valesca Dominik Ferraz also finished as a first runner up.

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The 2011 MIQ pageant was the most controversial one.   Miss SaHHara, representing Nigeria, was presumed by many people, especially after the Thai finalist horribly botched her final interview to be the person that would finally make that history. 

But people in Thailand watching on live TV, in the Tiffany's Theater in Pattaya and around the world on the online feed were shocked when the Thai contestant still won despite blowing the interview. 

That ignited a firestorm of criticism and gave credibility to the allegations brought by Thai and Philippine contestants there was not only an anti-Black bias from the all-Thai judging panel, but an anti-Filipina one as well..

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In 2015 Brazilian beauty Valesca Dominik Ferraz almost broke the color line in this pageant, but just as Miss SaHHara had done four years earlier, she wound up as the first runner up to Trixie Maristela of the Philippines. 

What I wrote back in 2011 when I blasted the Miss International Queen pageant about that shady 2011 result is sadly still valid today.   Out of the 12 winners of the Miss International Queen title, eight of them have been from Asia,  and four of the eight Asian winners have been Thai. 

Also to add another things that make you go hmm layer to this, all four Thai winner have worked as Tiffany's cabaret showgirls.   Tiffany's BTW, is one of the sponsors of this pageant. 

The other Asian MIQ winners have been from Japan, South Korea and two from the Philippines.

Image result for Miss International Queen logoThe other four contestants non Asians who have won the Miss International Queen pageant title have come from South America (Brazil and Colombia) and North America (US and Mexico) 

It's obvious that the Miss International Queen pageant has an anti-Blackness problem, and the immediate fix for that is to have an international panel of judges that doesn't have ties to Miss Tiffany's Cabaret.

And when I say an international panel of judges, I don't mean just grabbing judges from other parts of Asia because that won't fix the glaring anti-Black bias problem.   Y'all still have a continent wide problem in Asia of considering white skin as the penultimate in beauty.

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It's why the Miss Universe pageant not only has a diverse judging panel, that panel also includes former titleholders because what is considered beautiful is different in different corners of the world, and yeah Miss International Queen, dark skinned women are beautiful as well. 

If this pageant is going to claim that it is the premiere international pageant for transgender women, some of those trans women are going to be dark skinned ones with African heritage. 

The anti-Black, pro-Asian and pro Miss Tiffany showgirl bias has got to end in order for the Miss International Queen trans pageant to have international credibility with people around the world who are thinking about competing in it.

Because no one is going to travel halfway around the world or put their hard earned money towards entering a pageant that they believe is unfairly rigged or they won't have a shot at winning because the judges are biased against them.