Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy King Day 2018!

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'In a time when it's hard for us to generate infinite hope in the face of the crushing disappointment of the November 8 election results, it's what we must do right now.  Our kids are counting on us to fight for them and the America we want to see harder than this conservafool nightmare the right wing fought hard for decades to make happen.' 
-TransGriot, January 15, 2017 

Happy King Day TransGriot readers!  This is one of those King Day federal holidays that every few years also falls on his January 15 birthday. 

But on this King Day I'm thinking in terms of the hell we went through and the New York village idiot in charge of the Oval Office.

The past year was one that will live in historic infamy. Rampant racism coming from Trump and his GOP.  A media that needs to do their job and call the unjust actions out and call a lie a lie instead of trying to sugarcoat crap. 

But it's a year later, and the signs are we didn't lose infinite hope in this nation.

In Texas we killed the unjust SB 6 bill twice.  We made it die in the regular season and again in the Special Oppression Session.   In Virginia we finally got a trans person elected to and seated in a state legislature while unseating one of our community's legislative enemies at the same time in Bigot Bob Marshall.   We also got two Black trans people elected to the Minneapolis City Council in Councilmembers Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham

The resistance to the Trump tyranny is continuing to grow.   Whether it's federal judges who follow the rule of law and block his unjust executive orders and policies to good men and women who can't stand what has happened to this country since his election, people are choosing to fight the Orange Power instead of bow down to it as Omarosa claimed we would.  .

Oh yeah, has anyone seen Omarosa lately since she got bounced from the White House?  Her useful fool time is up and she got kicked to the curb.

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And with no nonsense media people like Joy Reid and April Ryan leading the way (#TrustBlackWomen), the media seems to be finally pushing back against the nonstop Trump lies and conspiracy theory idiocy instead of letting them pass without being called out.

A critical midterm election is coming up.   In Texas alone after their attempts to legislate injustice aimed at the LGBT community failed, we have seen 50 TBLGQ community members step up to run for office. in the Lone State State, and five of those candidates are transgender.

November 6 will be here before we know it, so get registered and handle your 2018 election business

And I'm hopeful this is the year my Black cis family stops looking at their trans siblings as embarrassments or worse and start respecting and recognizing out humanity and the talents we bring to our kente cloth covered family table .

And kids, Happy King Day!   I hope we elders make you proud as we fight for a better America and better world on your behalf. 

Daroneshia's Dream

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Today being Dr King's birthday has many of us who have stepped up to leadership roles in our community contemplating what would MLK Jr do if he were around to lend his voice to the civil rights issue of our times in terms of trans human rights.

Daroneshia Duncan, the founding executive director of TAKE Community Services in Birmingham, AL  had an interesting trans themed take (pun intended) on Dr. King's 'I Have A Dream; speech That I wanted to share with you on this King Day.

And now, Daroneshia D. Duncan

As we celebrate the 89th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was inspired by his 'I
 Have A Dream" Speech. 

I have a dream that Black Trans Women will one day live in a nation where we will not be judged by our genitals, but by the content of our character. 

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women's lives are valued as a human being.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women will bond together stronger in sisterhood.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women can live oppression free.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women will be given RESPECT without having to demand it.

I have a dream that one day, Black Trans Women will be accepted within our own Black community as women.

Trans at last, Trans at last,  thank God almighty BLACK TRANS WOMEN are FREE


Thanks, Daroneshia   

Happy 110th Founders Day, AKA!

January 15 was also the day in Black history in which America's first collegiate sorority for African-American women was founded 110 years ago on the Howard University campus.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc was founded on this day in 1908, and 110 years later the pretty girls who wear twenty pearls number nearly 300,000 college educated women across the the US and the world.  Those women are found in many fields from politics, education, sports, business, the media, the military, legal , criminal justice and social justice realms.

Some of those wonderful women who wear AKA's salmon pink and apple green colors include my mom, sister and other members of my own family. 

Image result for 68th boule alpha kappa alphaThis year also means that it's Boule time.   

And in another example, Texas conservafools of the nice things you get when you don't pass blatantly discriminatory legislation,  the 68th annual AKA convention will be coming to the George R,Brown Convention Center here in Houston this July.

And yes Texas GOP, this is a multimillion dollar major convention that we almost lost because of your idiocy that was thankfully thwarted by Texas House legislative grownups.

Looking forward to seeing you AKA's in my hometown this summer

And o yeah,  Happy Founders' Day! 


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Not Down With Endorsing Chelsea Manning's Run For US Senate

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I have been saying for years that trans people need to run for office, and many have answered that call.   In the 2017 cycle we even had several get elected to the Virginia General Assembly, two to the Minneapolis City  council, and several others to city councils and a school board. \

In my home state of Texas in this 2018 cycle we now have five trans people running for office.  four are running for the Texas state legislature, and one is running for Congress.

Kim Coco Iwamoto is now running for the Hawaii lieutenant governor's chair

And sadly, we also have a barely out of federal prison for violations of the Espionage Act Chelsea Manning now deciding she wants to run for office. 

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She's primary challenging current US Senator. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland).  Really?   A sitting senator who is a longtime friend to our community in that chamber? 

How do I know that?  because when I was lobbying on Capitol Hill back in the late 90's, he was one of the representatives at that time who was ahead of the curve when it came to trans rights issues.

While I'm always down for qualified trans people running for office, and it really makes my day when trans people run and win, I'm not ride or die with this race  for a few reasons.

*Chelsea is a polarizing figure inside and outside the trans community.  You either think she's a hero or a traitor.  (I lean in the traitor direction)

*She has little chance of beating Ben Cardin 
*Trans vets have a massive dislike of her because they believe her actions almost screwed with our fight to get open trans military service in the US.  Some trans vets I've talked to about her also believe she brought dishonor to the up until that point sterling service reputation of transgender troops in our military
*Senators have access to classified data, and Chelsea, would not be trusted with it after being convicted of handing over nearly 750,000 documents to RussiaLeaks.
And if you think I'm kidding about what the trans vets think about her, here's Shane Ortega's thoughts about Chelsea Manning.


WTF 2018, Chelsea Manning cannot be elected to the US Senate! 
It simply boils down to she is not qualified nor mature and tactically patient enough to lead. She has already had the opportunity to serve the nation and failed.
What is that example?   That example of failed leadership is being the poor way in which she chose to be a whistle blower.  She could have used discretion or the chain of command in releasing and reporting her findings and she chose not to do that.  She was held accountable by UCMJ (Universal Court of Military Justice) for that.
 Truly loyal service members respect the integrity of the UCMJ and chain of command. They would never release 700,000* classified documents to Wikileaks. They would go to an official news company as they have practice in releasing this type of information.

That did not happen, and because it didn't. Marines and Navy Seals were killed because of it and documents she released were found in the cave with Osama bin Laden. 
Her crime was not being transgender or positive intentions to reveal the the truth. It is the manner and fact of the deplorable zealous way that it was enacted. 
Furthermore her behavior surrounding her gender while imprisoned was also not up to standard.
She used that as an excuse for her behavior and has truly benefited off her white privilege.   No other transgender women who were incarcerated have walked away with $100,000 donated dollars and a book deal pushed by non-profit organizations.


Curious as to who put the bug in her ear to primary challenge Cardin.   He was an enthusiastic supporter of  Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, and she overwhelmingly won in Maryland by a 62.5%-33.8% margin.

That's one of many questions she needs to answer.   Even if she does it's not going to change my mind about the fact that I can't support or endorse her in this race. .

Because Manning was convicted of an Espionage Act violation, unlikely she'd get another clearance.  That means Maryland Dems toying with the idea of voting for her, without that security clearance, she would not be able to see classified documents or sit in briefings or committee meetings in which classified information is presented.

And no, she hasn't put in the work or time in this community to think she can represent us at the federal level.

Can We Make 2018 The Year We Free Ky Peterson?

Ky Peterson. (Photo: Courtesy of Freedom Overground)
One of the things I would love to see happen in 2018 is for Ky Peterson to be freed from his unjust incarceration in Georgia for defending himself

If you haven't heard about Ky Peterson's story.   He was living in Americus, GA and minding his own business on a fateful October 28, 2011 day waiting for his brothers to come out of a convenience store when a man approached and started asking him questions about his gender identity. 

Peterson, having been sexually and physically assaulted, began to feel  uncomfortable with the line of questioning and the man standing over him. 

As a result of the first sexual assault, he began carrying a gun in his bag.  The man standing over him raised red flads, so he decided to head home.   While cutting through a trailer park, he felt something hit the back of his head before blacking out. 

He awake to find himself in a trailer being raped by that man from the convenience store, screamed and hit his assailant.   The screams alerted his brothers, who pulled the man off Ky . 
The assailant ten charged at Ky who pulled his gun out of his bag and killed him.

Petersen ended up getting sentenced to 20 years in prison for basically defending himself from his rapist.  His first parole hearing isn't scheduled until July 2021 

Where is the NAACP on this case?   TBLGQ justice organizations?   Georgia gubernatorial candidates? I couldn't go a day without hearing about Chelsea manning, but there's silence about the unjust treatment of Jy Peterson.

Well, let's step up our human rights game. people   Let's work on getting Ky Peterson out of jail in 2018

Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis Calls Out Trump Racist Comment

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I haven't commented on 45's comment because I told y'all during the 2016 campaign he was a racist POS and some of y'all were too caught up in hatin' on Hillary to listen.

Can you hear my azz now?

Here's civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) commenting on Trump's s***hole comment in a recent MSNBC interview 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Queens At Heart Documentary

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One of the New Year's resolutions I also made in relation to the blog was a renewed commitment to documenting and uncovering our history. 

Queens At Heart is a 1967 documentary that focuses on four trans women, Misty, Vicky, Sonja and Simone and the drag ball scene of the time.   It also gives people a glimpse of the world our trans pioneers were navigating at the time    It was a world in which you were breaking the law and faced arrest if you were crossdressing or wearing feminine clothes while transitioning at the time.

Related image

The Houston anti-crossdressing ordinance even had a provision in which women could be arrested if they were caught wearing fly front jeans

Thanks ti Misty, Vicky, Sonja and Simone for consenting to do these interviews with Jay Martin that serve as a time capsule like slice of life.of that time.

I was in kindergarten when this documentary was released, so I felt like I was staring into the eyes of my trans ancestors while watching it.   It also gives us a idea of how far we have come since the 1960's when it comes to our understanding of transsexuality, how we discuss trans issues.

2017-18 NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

The NFL playoffs move into the divisional rounds as the survivors from Wild Card Weekend play the highers seeded teams that got to chill and watch them play last weekend.

Went 2-2 last weeknd.   Got the Sunday wild card games rights but the Saturday ones I didn't.

Let's see If I can do a better job on this this weekend's playoff games.

Saturday Games

#6 Atlanta Falcons at  #1 Philadelphia Eagles on NBC

Image result for atlanta falcons
The opening Saturday game has the Falcons traveling to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection to take on the NFC East champion Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field.

And the Eagles will be trying to get through this game with their backup QB Nick Foles after Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Week 15.   The Falcons sant the Rams packing with a 26-13 win in LA, and they'll send the Eagles packing as well

Falcons to move on to the NFC Championship game

#5 Tennessee Titans at #1 New England Patriots on CBS

Image result for titans vs patriots playoff
The Saturday nightcap game has the Traitors  Titans taking on the Cheatriots Patriots at Gillette Stadium    The question going into this game is will the Titans be able to run the ball down New England's throat or will the Patriots do unto them what they do to a lot of teams and take away what that team likes to do best?     I'm betting they will.

And after reading that story about their dynasty may be over, the Patriots are going to be in an angry mood.

Patriots to advact to the AFC Championship game

Sunday Games

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars at #2 Pittsburgh Steelers on CBS

This is a rematch of a Week 5 october 8 game in which the Jags marched into Heinz Field and walked out with a 30-9 win that served notice to the rest of the league these aren't the Jags that sucked through much of the last decade.

Image result for pittsburgh vs jacksonville 2017
However, this isn't the same Steelers team they faced in October either.   Since that game the AFC North champs have gone 10-1 with the only loss being a questionable officated one to the Patriots. You can also bet that Ben Roethlisberger won't be throwing five interceptions like he did in that October game

It's playoff time and the Steelers will be itching for payback.    And oh yeah, temp is forecast to be 18 degrees at kickoff.

And they'll get it too.    Steelers to advance to the  AFC Championship game.

#4 New Orleans Saints vs  #2 Minnesota Vikings on FOX

Image result for minnesota vs new orleans playoffs keenum and brees
This Sunday night game is also a rematch of a regular season game.   The Saints traveled to US Bank Stadium in the opening week of the season to play the Vikings in a game that wa s 26-16 win for the Vikings. 

Sam Bradford was the Vikings quarterback at the time,  now it's Case Keenum (Go Coogs!) 

The Vikings under Keenum have been 11-3.   But the Saints have also evolved since that Week 1 loss.   Their secondary went from being a mess to one of the strengths of the team,.   Their rushing attack with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram is one of the most potent in the league

Case is also making his first playoff start.

So who is going to win this game?   As much as I'd love to see Case in the NFC title game and the Super Bowl that's being played in their home stadium, I'm going with the playoff experience of Drew Brees 
to march all the way to the NFC Championship

Friday, January 12, 2018

Don Lemon Puts Trump On Blast For Racist Comment

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For years, I and others have been trying to tell you, the American people, that this man has been exhibiting bigoted behavior. I’ve asked him about it a number of times, and he denied, but kept up the racist rhetoric throughout the campaign and now while he’s in the White House.”-Don Lemon  January 11, 2018

CNN ain't playing with this misadministration any more.   They are calling Trump's orange azz out. 

Don Lemon opened his show with the words 'The President of the United States is a racist' before going into his 'Don's Take' monologue    And he went all the way in on Trump, his voters and enablers.

Here's the video if you didn't see it/

Arrest Made In Viccky Gutierrez Case

That was fast. 

On January 11 at 8'00 PM PST a joint  LAPD-FBI Fugitive Task Force arrested 29 year old Kevyn Ramirez for the murder of Viccky Gutierrez. 

Her body has yet to be positively identified by the LA County Coroner as of this writing.

Investigators obtained a search warrant, found evidence linking him to the crime scene and arrested Ramirez after admitting to investigators he killed Gutierrez after as dispute.

The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for filing consideration and Ramirez is being held on a $2  million bail .

It is also still an active case, and LAPD investigators are still seeking information that will not only lead to a positive identification of what is believed to be Viccky's body, but also establish a motive for her murder.

If you have that info please call West Bureau Homicide at (213) 382-9470

Charles Blow Calls Out Trump Racism

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I  had the opportunity to meet CNN commentator Charles Blow during one of the LGBT Media Journalists Convenings I attended n Baltimore, and I love his NY Times columns and takes on many issues. 

Of course, he was called in when in the wake of Trump's comment about Haiti and other African nations as s***hole countries, and here's what he had to say about Trump,his base and his enablers at FOX Noise. 

Shut Up Fool Awards- MLK Day Weekend Edition

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Monday will be what would have been the 89th birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.    This year the federal holiday to honor the Nobel Prize winning human rights advocate we lost far too soon also falls on his January 15 birthday

One of my favorite Dr. King quotes is this one:  'Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.'

That is why it gets called out every Friday on this blog.   It's also time for me to get busy and start calling it out.

Honorable mention number one is Rachel Campos-Duffy at FOX Noise.   While on the show Outnumbered she complained that people who leaked the Trump  s***hole comment 'make our country look bad'.   

It's called 'journalism'  A concept that is foreign to you network ..

Rachel,  that 'making our country look bad' battle was lost on November 9, 2016 and every miserable day that you and your propagandists at FOX Noise try to defend his racist behind.

Honorable mention number two is French actress Catherine Deneuve, who said that the #MeToo movement 'has gone too far'   


Honorable mention number three is VP Mike Pence, who had dinner with a fundie evangelist who prayed for the death of Liberal SCOTUS justices 

And FYI, you know the last time you conservafools did that, you lost Antonin Scalia.

Honorable mention number four is a group award for all you fauxgressives screaming not even 24 after a well received Oprah speech during the Golden Globe Awards that 'she's not qualified to run for president.

Your anti-Blackness is showing on that one.    And FYI, after having an exceptional Black president in office from 2009-2017, y'all should be tired of disastrous white male Republican ones

First point I want to make is, it's NOT 2020 yet.   We haven't even got past the 2018 midterms.
Second, Oprah has declared she's running.  She's only thinking about it. 
Three,  The not qualified to run bar got lowered big time when you white peeps put the massively unqualified white man in office versus the supremely qualified for the office white woman.

Honorable mention number five is Jesse Watters, for trying to justify and defend Trump's racist remark
This week's SUF loser  winner is Donald Trump.   45 embarrassed the nation and caused another diplomatic crisis by racistly referring to Haiti and other African nations as 's***hole countries."

Then he tried to cover up the firestorm he'd created by signing the MLK Day proclamation.   We peeped your racist game a long time ago 45.   You ain't fooling nobody in woke Black America with this crap.

You and your party are turning the America we once knew into a s***hole country noone wants to visit, emigrate to or live in.   

Donald Trump, shut the hell up fool!

Number 2- Rest In Power Viccky Gutierrez

Image may contain: one or more people
Well, didn't take long for us to have the second trans women of 2018 killed in the US and the first trans Latina..

We have to go all the way to the Left Coast in Los Angeles.   I was made aware of this thanks to Bamby Salcedo.    Her  badly burned body was found after LAPD West Division and LA Fire Department units responded to a fire in a multi-house unit at 1711 S. New Hampshire Ave in the Pico Union district around 3;15 AM PST.

The LA County Coroner's Office will be conducting an autopsy to identify the body and determine the cause of death.  Since the apartment that burned was Viccky's,  and she has not been located, it's presumed that the deceased body found after LAFD spent 48 minutes fighting the fire is indeed hers. 

“Just to learn that she’s no longer with us is really sad,” Bamby said in a Facebook live video. “And it’s not that she is gone, it is the way that she was murdered. She was brutally murdered, and we believe that it was intentional, we believe that it was premeditated...She was burned in her apartment. The police, like always try to say to Viccky’s friends not to say anything to anybody because of the investigation... But there’s a couple of things that we want to do. One of those things is to ensure that we seek justice for Viccky.”

Viccky was a member of the TransLatin@ Coalition and often showed up for their free daily lunches provided to anyone in need.   Here friends remarked that 'she was an inspiration dor many of us' and she was 'the nicest girl in the world' 

Now she's unfortunately been taken away from us far too soon.

If you have any information that will lead to investigators identifying Viccky's body or lead LAPD detectives to capturing the perpetrator of this crime, you are urged to call LARD during business hours at (213) 382-9470

After hours or on weekends you can call  (877) LAPD(5273)-247     You can also leave anonymous tips with Crime Stoppers at  (800) 222-TIPS (8477) 

Since Viccky was from Honduras, she had no family in the US.  A GoFundMe has been set up to help raise the $10,000 needed to pay for her funeral and ship the remains back to her family.

Viccky's Vigil of Resistance as it is being called is happening tonight from 7-10 PM PST.  Address is 1660 Venice Blvd, the zip is 90006.

Rest in power and peace Viccky!   Your trans family here in the States won't rest until the person who did this is brought to justice

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Virginia Del. Danica Roem Sworn In Today

Danica Roem, gay news, Washington Blade
Today was the day that Danica Roem made history by being officially sworn in along with the rest of her colleagues in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Del Roem (D-Manassas) became the first openly trans person to be elected and seated to a state legislature since Althea Garrison served one term in the Massachusetts House in 1992 

Ironically that was the same year Bob Marshall, who Roem handily beat last November, was elected to the district that Roem now represents.

Marshall was one of the more outspoken opponents of TBLGQ rights and earned the nickname 'Bigot Bob' for his longtime efforts to use his powers to legislate oppression against the Virginia TBLGQ community.

Who controls the Virginia House is still very much in doubt asn wo close races are headed to court to hopefully be resolved.   The Republicans for now have a 51-49 edge in the chamber pending the results of the court cases.

But today I'm focused on Del. Roem's historic achievement.   She's already filed ten bills, many of them focused on he campaign promise to fix the traffic problems on Route 28, and will soon find out her committee assignments as this session continues.

Ginuwine Is NOT Into You, India

Image result for Ginuwine and India willoughby
And note to all you peeps bitching about it,  that doesn't make him transphobic.

If he has followed his comment to India up with anti-transgender rhetoric and ignorance like  Lil Duval did on The Breakfast Club radio show a few months ago, then we would have a legitimate case to complain about transphobia.

The Net it tripping and erroneously calling R&B singer Ginuwine transphobic because he stated to British television presenter India Willoughby that he wasn't into trans women, and resisted when she tried to kiss him.

Then there's also the problematic look of a TransBecky getting mad because the handsome brother isn't into her cougar behind.
Who you like sexually and are attracted to is a matter of personal preference.   Some people are down with interracial relationships, some prefer intraracial relationships.   Some people prefer same gender loving relationships, some don't.  .Some people are into dating and having an intimate relationship with trans people and others aren't.

Image result for  women body types
Some folks like certain body types.  Some like skinny, thin framed people.  Some like them curvy and full figured.  Some like petite, some like tall.   Some like people with athletic builds.  Some want their partners in a certain age range.   Some want intelligent ones. . 

Image result for trace lysette
We trans women cover that wide range of feminine bodies and personalities.  When you encounter as a trans woman somebody who isn't into you, all you can do is just say 'Thanks for letting me know your dating preferences", and then move on to find someone who is open to dating trans people in a short or long term relationships. .

So naw India, I'm not on #TeamTrans on this one.    Ginuwine is not into you, so stop tripping. 

The fact he;s not into you doesn't make him a transphobe..

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

24 Seats To A Democratic House Majority

Image result for house of representatives
As many of you may or not be aware of, 2018 is an election year in which we will determine the makeup of Congress for the next two years.

This midterm election year is even more critical, because it will also determine what happens during the rest of the Trump Misadministration.

For of you hating the direction of Dear Cheeto Leader's mispresidency , the lack of will by the Republican controlled House and Senate to do anything about it while eagerly passing a tax cut for billionaires and corporations, November 6 is your chance to strike back and #FireTheGOP.

Image result
While the Democrats thanks to the Sen. Doug Jones (D) win in Alabama only need to flip two more Senate seats to regain control of the Senate,  they also have the problem of having to defend 26 senate seats while the Republicans have to defend just eight in this 2018 cycle. 

And Al Franken's seat that he resigned from wasn't supposed to be up for reelection until 2020.  That extra  Senate seat being  up for grabs in Minnesota only adds to the Democrats challenge in taking the chamber back from the Republicans. 

Image result for Nancy Pelosi speakers gavel
In the House, the Democrats political challenge is a lot more doable despite GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression laws in many red states.   What they have to do is flip 24 congressional districts in order to make Rep. Nancy Pelosi  the speaker of the House again.

What's the significance of the Democrats getting control of the House?  If that happens, they can block any bad legislation that Trump wishes to pass.   

And for those of you who want Dear Cheeto Leader impeached, the process starts in the House Judiciary Committee. It's much more likely to happen in  a Democratic controlled House chamber  than the Republican controlled one we have now.

Image result for house hearing jeff sessions
In addition, accountability investigations of the Trump administration that aren't happening now will take place with far more frequency under a Democratically controlled House Congress.

nd yes, if by some miracle they get control of the Senate.   The trial and vote to remove Trump from office happens in the US Senate.   Failing that, they will also in a Democratically controlled Senate will also be able to investigate the Trump Misadministrations.

Can they make that happen?   It depends on what you the voters do this November.   

Not Letting Transphobic Comments Slide In The 2K18

In the 2K18, there will be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to transphobic comments.  Be prepare for when I am made aware of them for the callout to swifty follow, and I don't care whether the comments came from a friend foe or frenemy. 

When we have just exited a year in which 24 trans people lost their lives, and lost another trans woman in the first week of 2018, that's why I'm not letting transphobic comments slide, especially when they come from POC's.

Image result for TERFs
Since the Texas Lege is not in session until 2019, I'll have time to keep a close watch on these out of control TERF's  (trans exterminationalist/exclusionary radical feminists) 

In addition to calling out transphobic comments from them, people within the TBLGQ community are on notice I'm not having it from y'all either. 

And I'm definitely going to put on blast self hating trans people like the TS separatists  and the HBSers (or as I call them White Women Born Transsexual).   You can feel froggy and leap if you want to.   You'll be leaping right into a verbal smackdown. . 

Anti-trans Hate Thoughts + Anti-trans Hate Speech =  Anti-trans hate violence and murders.

Image result for TERFs
I am tired of TERF's. the kissing cousins to white fundamentalist, peddling the phobic 'trans women don't belong in women's spaces' narrative as my Trans sis Clara Mejias pointed out

'The idea that "women's spaces" are safe havens from violence and trauma is absurd bullshit and I'm DONE humoring that line of discussion.Cis women are violent as f**k when they find a victim they can get away with hurting, same as cis men.'-Clara Mejias

She's right..  Remember  trans woman Chrissy Polis getting attacked in 2011 in a videotaped beatdown in a suburban Maryland McDonald's by a cis woman and a at the time 14 year old juvenile girl?

Or Elizabeth Lambert violently yanking her opponent to the ground during a soccer match by her hair?

Transphobic comments and the transphobic stench they generate will not be tolerated in the 2K18's.  You've been warned.

Monday, January 08, 2018

45th Anniversary of School House Rock

Image result for Schoolhouse Rock verb
Back in 1973 as my brother and I, and later my sisters watched Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, some of the advertising breaks were taken up by the Emmy Award winning educational cartoons that later became known as Schoolhouse Rock.

It ran on ABC from 1973-1985, and then was revived for a second run from 1993-1999. 

Those musical education cartoons that dropped knowledge on math, science, grammar and history have become so beloved that I and a lot of peeps own them on DVD.

I bought the 30th Anniversary DVD in 2009 when I lived in Louisville, and when I purchased it, Dawn Wilson and I spent several hours watching them and singing along to our fave ones like 'Conjunction Junction', 'Interplanet Janet',' Suffering Until Suffrage', 'Three Is A Magic Number' , 'Interjections! ' , A Noun Is A Person Place or Thing  and 'Hey Little Twelvetoes'  as the rest of our roommates and friends watched us with bemused looks on their faces .

Of course, as you probably guessed, the political junkie in me loves 'I'm Just A Bill'  which explains the legislative process an has been parodied by Saturday Night Live to lampoon 45.. 

Image result for Schoolhouse Rock verb
But I was also in love with the 'Verb; That's What's Happening' one as well because it was one of the few in the original series of School House Rock videos in which the main protagonist looked like me.

So happy 45th Anniversary School House Rock!.   Those videos helped a lot of kids get to math, science, grammar and history tests. 

H&M's Racist Advertising Fail

One if the things you simply don't go that will with no questions asked get you called a racist is to refer to or compare any African descended person to an ape.

You will get called out with the quickness on it by Black People across the African Diaspora

Obviously there wasn't a Black person in the room when the Swedish headquartered H&M approved this ad that has a Black kid modeling a green hooded sweatshirt with the words 'Coolest monkey in the jungle' emblazoned on it.

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And if you think I'm being harsh about calling this a 'racist advertising fail' , explain why the white child models have hoodies on with the words 'mangrove jungle survival expert'?

I'll wait for you to come up with an excuse.     An accident?   Accident my azz/.

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After all the times you have seen other retailers over the years get called out for similar racist faux pas advertising crap, it's obvious that y'all not only didn't think this out but didn't have Black people in the room when y'all were brainstorming this.

As for those of you wondering why me and of Black people are going off about this, it's because of Black people for centuries have been called monkeys.   White people have been using that racist characterization of us to oppress, denigrate and dehumanize our community.

Yes, you have apologized for it, but it still doesn't change the fact you cluelessly (or willfully) did it

It's Inauguration Day For Councilmembers Cunningham and Jenkins!

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Today was the public inauguration in Minneapolis for Councilmembers Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins, Mayor Jacob Frey and their council colleagues in the Minneapolis City Hall rotunda. 

After the public inauguration, and the mayor's inauguration speech,  they and their city council colleagues immediately went to the council chambers to meet and elect a new council president and determine who the various committee chairs would be.

It's going to be an exciting but busy day for Andrea and Phillipe in Minneapolis today.  They'll find out their committee assignments, and after that get busy with the nuts and bolts work of helping to run Minneapolis.

And looking forward to hearing them talk about it the next time I get to spend quality time with either of them.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Oprah's 2018 Golden Globe Speech

I wasn't watching this year's Golden Globe Awards, and probably should have been because Oprah Winfrey made history by becoming the first Black woman to receive this year's Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement.

And based on the online chatter I'm seeing, looks like a lot of people LOVED her acceptance speech for it to the point some people are saying the words 'Run Oprah Run!

Here's the video of the speech:

Hey 45, This Is What A 'Stable Genius' Looks Like

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Funny, he looks a lot like the previous well loved Ivy League educated president who was the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review and a constitutional law scholar.

Funny, it looks a lot like this woman you hate so much, who was a National Meit Scholar back in the day and this country's previous Secretary of State.

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Funny, it looks a lot like this distinguished award winning theoretical physicist

Not you. Dear Cheeto Misleader .  They also have something you don't.   Class and a vocabulary.

A person who is intelligent doesn't have to brag about it because everyone they come into contact with is already aware of their brilliance.

When you have to constantly brag about it as you do, it makes that attribute you claim to have suspect.   And that's true about a lot of things you brag about, Tiny Hands..