Sunday, December 04, 2016

Going To Miss You, Rev. Lura!

Was sad to hear just before Thanksgiving that at the end of this month Houston is going to lose another member of our progressive faith community in Rev. Lura Groen.

She and Jess are moving to Maryland before the end of the month so that she can get back into congregational life and also write a book.

I first met Lura during our fight to pass HERO in 2014, and while she was the pastor at Grace Lutheran Church attended a few services there.  One thing I loved about her sermons is that she not only is an unapologetic truth teller, but they are thought provoking as well.

She has been a blessing to our progressive faith community here in Houston, and we are going to miss her.   I have been blessed to have you in my life Lura, and will miss you as well.

Megablessings to you and Jess and safe travels to your new home.  May you have much success in the next chapter of your life.  Hopefully our paths will cross again, and with the way I travel, we probably will.

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